Custom EULA for Cosmo - Minecraft Cosmetic Server

Custom conditions

The creator of this product has added a set of custom conditions beyond the standard EULA that BuiltByBit provides. In cases of contradictions, these custom conditions override the permissions and limitations.
You are responsible for keeping your license key safe. If someone with access to your server steals your key or server files, you will be held responsible.
Modifying the Cosmo source code is not allowed. You are only permitted to edit the settings.yml and command.yml files.
By purchasing Cosmo, you acquire a copy of the resource; modifying or adding additional content does not make you the owner.


You may upload the product to a secure and reliable host.
Commercial use
You can make money by using the product.
Make changes if you need to.


You may not resell this product.
You may not relicense this product.
No refunds unless the product doesn’t work as described and the creator fails to provide a fix when contacted.
You may not make this product accessible to anyone who does not require access in order to work on the projects which this product is required for, and you will be held responsible if the product is shared outside of your project.
All buyers are guaranteed one working copy and support if the product does not function as described. Future downloads may be provided as available, but are not guaranteed.
This license is an extension of BuiltByBit's Merchant Agreement.
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