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  • Massive Vouch. By far the best designer on this site. Under a short time span, She made us a perfect logo.

    100% would Recommend.
    Loved working with Keilyn. Took an idea we had and turned my low-quality sketch into a high-quality logo. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a professional, prompt, talented artist!
    Loved working with keilyn! Creates high quality illustrations and gets it done on time! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase graphics/design to work with her!
    From the time I paid and to the time I received my product was under 24hrs. I am honestly astonished to how quick she was and how awesome my icons looked. With not a huge idea of what I wanted she was able to put my ideas together and create stunning artwork. For the price(not too cheap but not too expensive) totally worth getting your GFX from keilyn. Vouch 100%
    Vouch, even though I had a new account, she trusted in me, and I trusted in her art. I was not disapointed! She got my logo done by the expected due date, even though she had a few hiccups including her laptop breaking! She still accommodated, and got it done on time! Very good artist!
    Huge vouch, amazing artist. Would recommend her to friends for sure. Looking to purchase more art in the near future.
    Outstanding artist, she made me a very detailed logo in 3 days. A very nice person to deal with as well.
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