"We are" Kingl0rd the administrators from this account.

All posted resource are 100% custom, they might be used for
GhastLegion (a server which is closed now) but are made by great

We upload these buildings on MC-Market because otherwise the
hard work/custom builds will be deleted.

The most of this buildings are created by Mike, the second
administrator of this account. Good reviews motivate us to create
more buildings ;).

All our buildings will be support 1.7 & 1.8 servers except if
otherwise noted in the description.

We are going to keep the buildings up to date and maybe edit
some of those buildings to make them better.

July 21


My Buildings

Faction Ancient Spawn: Click Here [$3.45]
Faction Village Spawn: Click Here [$3.99]
Faction Medieval Spawn: Click Here [$4.99]
Prison Purple Kingdom Spawn: Click Here [$3.45]
Desert PvP Arena 2.0: Click Here [$1.99] 2.0 OUT NOW!
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