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  • Hi I found an error during installing the multicraft

    Error code:
    Multicraft 2.4.1 - Minecraft Server Manager Daemon
    Loading configuration from /home/minecraft/multicraft/multicraft.conf
    Starting daemon
    The daemon seems to be running (pid 33823 from pid file /home/minecraft/multicraft/

    Can you help me fix it ?
    Come back :c
    Aww, idk who you are but I'm here. Right now, idk about coming back but maybe.

    Edit: Should I remember you? I mean, i kinda recognize ur name but its been so long man
    ''Ahh, Paradox. I remember when you asked me for the most basic linux-related stuff. "How do i make a new ssh user" "How do i setup sudo"... Good old days. I see you've learned a lot. Good on you.'' Why is this neutral...? This needs to be positive because he learned a lot...? Lol?!
    The rep is supposed to emphasise the irony from the looks of it.
    Overall, great chicken lover. Offered to rally outside his local adult toy shop for chicken equality!
    excuse me sir but you are threatening the community by saying you will use a vpn, i will have to leave a negative reputation!
    literally unreadable
    Note to anyone wondering what's happened to my reputation, I've been getting "trashing threads" bs neg reps.
    I saw that video of Linus dropping that Razor Blade, LOL.

    As I recall he also dropped the lid.

    He didn't abuse it, he just attacked it really really fast
    Vouch for Latouth! Great lad! He installed NamelessMC on my VPS and furthemore, edited LAMP to make the VPS more faster. Would recommend him 100% to setup your VPS/Dedicated machine. He was extremely nice to deal with and kept on communicating with me. Ultimately, Latouth is an amazing, professional guy and therefore, meaning that you should purchase services off him! <3
    Just, every time I see your profile picture ( linus doing that )... I... I smi-... smile a bit. *Wipes tears away*
    Knows how to deal with people and also amazingly weird, RIP eHugs shop </3
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