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  • Mind adding me on discord? Scroll32#8539
    If you would like to contact me feel free to send me PM here on Mc-Market. Thank you.
    ☀️ For the foreseeable future I will be building only Bedrock projects for Minecraft Marketplace, won't be taking any commissions, sorry.
    Please add me on discord - @Jay_H#1248
    If you have any questions please contact me via PM here on Mc-Market. I try to keep my discord mostly for personal things. Thanks.
    Hi, don't you have more mines for prison?
    I like the mine Prison mine - Space3 could you show me the mine in video or clearer images?
    Do you by chance have a large map for people to explore with horses? if so, shoot me a PM
    Unfortunately I don't have such map.
    Great experience working with MrAniman2. Goes above and beyond to help and get builds up and working. Would highly recommend. Builds are amazing too!
    bought from him really helpful bought a item that i bought before and didn't realize got a email from him not long after the purchase got an email from him and awesome builds really enjoy them :D keep up the hard work and you'll be seeing me sometime in the future
    Hi ,
    I look for a builder for build a spawn , If you are interested reply in this conversation , This build we can paid !

    PRICE MAX : 10$

    Theme of the build : Modern

    Go message private if you are interested
    Wanna join a services company? PM me if interested, it's a big one not small.
    I'm interested in buying some separate skyblock islands that I saw on a topic of yours. Add me on skype, my skype: ninovizi
    Hello I purchased your medieval village, if you were ever planning on releasing it to the public don't because that was $26 I spent lol thx
    Hi, I wanted to buy one of your resources "Your Belldale spawn" And I would like if you can give me more in-game (vanilla)screenshots about that build. Thx :)
    bought ur spawn lol and found a Swastika outside the factions xD

    All cool though
    That's not a swastika :p ( least it wasn't meant to be)
    There's a guy that is trying to fake you on Skype, I will make a vid and send it to you soon.
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