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  • Vouch, purchased $100 worth of bitcoin from this user. I went first, smooth and quick transaction! Highly recommend dealing with this user.
    Vouch, bought this users custom Plot Road schematic, I was having issues and he came on, helped me solve the issues/even edited the schematic due to 1.14.4 blocks missing on 1.13.2. Great guy, very nice. 10/10 work with him and buy his work!
    The many websites this guy has coded for me. Never once did he let me down. Sleek designs, amazing and fast response rate. Vouch.
    Vouch, made me a thread design, worked with me through the whole process paying close attention to detail and made sure it was up to my standards. Even when i was satisfied he still he went back and made some edits to make it even higher quality. Amazing service was professional and a wonderful experience the entire way through. I will definitely be using his services again.
    Vouch! Man, I would love to thank this guy for making me a website! I plan on working with him on my future projects. He is a very nice and cool dude!
    vouch, what a incredible user. firstly going out of his way for a hour of 2 to code my website was truly incredible. The skills this dude has are even better, I wasn't expecting such beautiful work for this. Any Services/Teams Feeel freee to add this dude, as its really amazing for by him. once again huge vouch.
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