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  • Vouch! Very helpful, Extremely Responsive. Responded prompt. to all my messages with a smoking deal. I honestly recommend this Graphic Designer to anyone in need of his service's !
    Vouch! Very helpful, and very patient. Responded to all of my questions and finished with a great deal. I recommend him for anyone!
    Vouch 200%! Joni is extremely good at what he does. His mascot logos are high quality and met my design specs & exceeded them! I asked for lots of modifications and Joni was able to do each one and stuck with me until the logo looked exactly like I wanted! If you're looking for a mascot, there's no-one who will do it at a better price with this good quality, than Papa Joni!
    Vouch for this man! Stayed professional throughout the whole order. Made changes to how I liked and persisted through, until he got a design I was satisfied with
    Huge Vouch, Great personality, Great Service, Great Communication. The support in which I received when going thorough the process of the commission was outstanding !
    Vouch, user is very talented, made me a good looking logo for my project, price was very cheap and I am really satisfied with the outcome!
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