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  • Back online for some development freelancing, drop me a message on Discord (Sulphate#6969) if you need something! :)
    This is probably the best person you could ever hire to make plugins and other development work. I have hired him for his biggest project yet and he is doing awesome work. I asked for a daily update, even if its just a few messages, and he has literally talked to me pretty much at any time, despite the 6 hour time difference between us.
    Vouch, really fast responses and high quality plugins including all features asked for at great prices! Got the plugin done so fast.
    Huge vouch for Sulphate - Has coded me two plugins for my server so far and has provided me with books written by him in text that I can view on a website only for me as I have trouble learning verbally which I have had ever since I was little, so it helps me to learn basic java and how to code minecraft plugins on Spigot. :)
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