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  • +1 Vouch, Great friend and fantastic to work with. If he says he is gonna get something done he gets it done! Very professional and always willing to work.
    Vouch! If someone knows anything about servers it's this guy. Very professional owner that does everything to keep his staff satisfied.
    Vouch! Very respectful and gave me some serious feedback on a thread of mine, good lad and seems to have a lot of decent lads backing them up.
    Jack is experienced with what he does. Asked him to take care of documents for me and that's exactly what he did he delivered on time. Therefore I recommend using his services if you are wanting a cheap and reliable manager. Vouch!
    Jack was astonished when we first started talking, and then it kept going. Let me start by saying he approached the server first and immediately began to introduce himself and said “Okay this is what I can do already to improve your server” That blew me away because he began right away and that showed me he's the person for the job. Very trustworthy and knowable. I am so excited to work along with him right now.
    Had a convo with him privately and he seems like a genuinely nice guy with a great attitude. Took the criticism unexpectedly well and improved his resume in a flash. Not a lot of people have this kind of positive mindset, so massive respect :)
    Vouch! He is a fantastic developer, manager, and mentor. Works extremely hard on anything he puts his mind to. Very professional, mature, and friendly. 10/10

    I'm Feather from the NaRc community and I can say that Jxck is a very good developer and works very very hard on everything he does in the community. Jxck works very hard to keep everything up to date with current server changes and other things. He is also very good at keeping everything in order and keeping the staff team in order. Very good developer and Manager. 10/10
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