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  • Minestyria is live. However, I feel like I've been playing Whack-a-Mole with fixing minor, annoying issues. Life is good tho.
    What's your average player base?
    Vouch! Very friendly bought a map from me. And the transaction went very smooth. Don't hesitate to deal with this user! Good luck in the future with your server!
    Vouch, Friendly and to the point! Sent half payment upfront, so Trusted! Also gave me a tip :)
    VOUCH!!! very nice, pays first, fast in answering, why wouldnt you trust him, best part is if u scam him you are going to court.
    Vouch! Made him some island schematics. Was generous enough to offer more money than requested. Great customer!
    Vouch! Com'on I work for this guy and I trust him dearly. Why wouldn't I?
    Vouch! Great customer. Was very easy to do the transaction. Was very pleased by how trustworthy he is.
    Vouch! We worked with him to build a spawn for Minestyria, easy-going client who paid up front. Would definitely work with him again in the future.
    Vouch, one of the easiest guys to work with on this forum. Don't hesitate to work with him!
    Vouch. Easy to work with, quick and concise responses and was clear on what he wanted. Would work with again.
    Are you really taking dipper to court? Lol if you are you should take a picture of him, and draw dicks all over it
    This guy is legitimately amazing, very nice and doesnt mess you around. I wish all members were like this guy.

    HUGE vouch to his guy.

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