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100x100 Desert KOTH | Custom Made v1.3

A nice KOTH with custom terrain and Mellinium Falcon-ish looking spaceship
A simple 100x100 Desert KOTH made by rider777

How to use:
-Put Schematic into "Schematics" folder in your World Edit's Plugin Folder
-Choose the spot where you want it and type "//schematic load DesertKothV2" (Don't add the "s to the command)
-Type "//copy"
-Then "//paste"
-If it does not fit, move a few blocks higher or lower, or to the side until it fits perfectly


Latest reviews

Great map
LOL NICE koth very beautiful
Got this when it was free for about 10minutes kappa Pretty nice map :P
Amazing map!
EULA: Standard EULA
5.00 star(s)
Average rating (5)
Jun 4, 2016 Published
File format
  1. Schematic
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