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1v1 Arena/Waiting Lobby Build | Lux Studios MC | 1.12 Blocks| HQ 1.0

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High-quality, cheap multi-purpose waiting lobby/1v1 arena.
Multi-purpose 1v1 Arena / Waiting Lobby

This build was created by the owner of LuxStudios (DiabloTurtle ), resell rights proof can be found here!

Build information
Built by Lux Studios -
*Uses 1.12 blocks, be warned before purchase*
Build Size: 57x57
Great for a waiting lobby, AFK TP Build (*Like Hypixel*) or 1v1 arena.


Go into your FTP, after that go to these files:
Plugins > World Edit > Create a new folder called "schematics" ( if not yet already created ) > Drop the schematic in there

After that, Do "//schematic load clipboard.schematic"(caps count) or whatever the schematic is named. Then, find the location in which you'd like to paste the build. Once you've found a place to paste it, do "//paste -a" and paste it in the correct position. Then, well, enjoy!

- You may not claim this build as your own, it was specifically built by DiabloTurtle/Lux Studios and ownership must stay that way.
- Do not re-distribute/re-sell the build on or offsite.
- By downloading, you get a non-exclusive license to use this on your server
- You automatically agree to these terms upon download
- You must have a spectacular day <3

Thanks to Lux Studios for the build, hopefully, I can share the kindness by putting this up! Have fun <3

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