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$3.99 FACTION SETUP - 50+ Custom Enchants - Koths - Envoys - Bosses 2.4

A pre-made factions setup made to compete against all servers!
Making a factions server is hard especially how all the features all the big servers have now days its hard to compete. Well now I have solved your problems! This setup contains features of all the big servers like Saico, TheArchon, Desteria, CosmicPvp. This setup contains custom terrain, premade ranks, kits, custom enchants, auctions, envoys, koths, crates, and much much more! Give your players the best factions experience ever!
Test Server
• coming soon

• Over 50+ Custom Enchants
• 5 Unique Crates Enchant, Silver, Golden, & Magical all with 25+ rewards
• Over 30+ Envoy Rewards
• 1.7 TnT Mechanics
• A Balanced Shop
• Auctions
• Scoreboard
• Koth
• Anti Hack
• Banning System
• Wilderness Teleporter
• Sponge Soaker
• Blowable Obsidian
• No Hopper Crafting
• Mob Stacking
• Combat Tagger
• Faction Top
• Nether Water
• Scaffolds/GenBuckets - starts from the ground up
• Crop Hoppers - collects all crops in a chunk
• Commands /pot, /tntfill, /tntcraft

Unique Features:
• Removal of annoying biomes
• Players lose 20% of their balance on death
• You can only receive success and destory dust from envoys
• Obsidian breaks in 4 hits
• Bedrock breaks in 100 hits
• And more!


The setup of the builds and terrain are different now check out the pics and gifs down below

Gifs & Pics:

Player Ranks:
• Peasant
• Member+
• Lieutenant
• Captain
• Hero
• Legend
• Immortal
• Demigod
• God

Staff Ranks:
• Helper
• Mod
• Mod+
• Admin
• Developer
• Co-Owner
• Owner

World Borders:
- Custom World 8000x8000
- Flat End 4000x4000 at 41y
- Flat Nether 4000x4000 101y


• Outposts
• What should go here? PM Me

Premium Plugins:
• CustomBosses (Optional)

Contact me if you have any questions here or on Discord @ GalazyX#3941

Latest reviews

Great! Everything is as it is listed! Author also works out your problems! 10/10
This Resource is amazing!??!?!!??!?!!, But heres my question... why are you automatically added to the op list! hehehe, Anyway thanks for the AMAZING. and i mean AMAZING resource!
Pretty good setup for the price. Has a few bugs, but what is a server without bugs?
Also, there should probably be water ponds and lava in the terrain. I switched to a different world because it was quite bland.
Glad you enjoy the server :) If you know of any bugs and I'll do my best to fix them


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