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3D Flame Animated Discord Icon 1.0

Add your own text to this 3D Flame icon and make a new pfp, Minecraft icon & more.
fire animated icon.png

512x512, .AEP After Effects File delivered instantly.

If you purchase and do not know how to change the text, contact Wonder#0513 and we will add your custom letter for you. 1 letter limit.

We are established discord server icon makers, and this one is usable as a discord profile picture, server icon, or as a Minecraft icon (with resizing - you'll have to do that part!). Get a 3D icon without paying the rates of hand-drawn art.

What you get with your purchase!:

  • .ZIP file containing the After Effects file of the icon above, with an S letter at 512x512.
  • Layered effects with the letter separated, for ease-of-editing.
  • Our promise to help you change the letter or export the icon, if needed. Contact us for support on your purchase anytime: Wonder#0513
  • A fresh start to your next project!

NOTE: You will have to own After Effects and have basic knowledge on how to edit text in order for this item to be useful for you. If you don't know how, or don't have After Effects, Wonder#0513 on Discord can add your letter in for you and export at 512x512 GIF and 64x64 PNG for free.

If you own after effects - changing the text is easy! All you have to do is type in your letter,
and possibly make some slight adjustments to the placement. Simple!

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