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3In1 Plugin! Read for Description 1.0

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3 plugins all in 1!!
3 In 1 Plugin!
This plugin has 3 different plugins all in 1.

What it has:
There is a custom Dp Plugin in this.
There is a custom enchant plugin in this.
There is a custom /youtube and /livestream plugin in this.

Commands and How it all works:
Dp - Within the config you can customize What is dropped and where the items will be dropping.
Commands for this - So basically an Admin will type /dpstart and it will start a 30 second countdown. Once the countdown starts players can type /dp to get to the drop party location that you have choose. Permissions will be in a link at the end of this all.

Vchant - Within the config you can set it up so people have to pay a certain price to get the enchantment. Once that is done. and you add the perms to that player and or group the user can type /vchant and can enchant something for a cost. (In game money). You can setup the prices and other things in the config.

Commands for this - All there is /vchant. Very simple!

Youtube/Livestream - With this plugin you can send a message in the main chat if you have the perms to this and it will tell people that you are live streaming or recording! You can also toggle messages and or money that people try to pay you!

Commands - Type /Record in chat to announce that you are recording.
Type /Livestream in chat to announce that you are LiveStreaming. You can type /msgtoggle to toggle private messages and /paytoggle to toggle any payments players might want to send to you.

Link to perms:

The perms for the pay toggle and msg toggle weren't in there. I don't know why. But here is the perms.

PayToggle - paytoggle.toggle
MessageToggle - mstoggle.toggle

By buying this plugin you agree to not,

Resell this for profit.
Use on more than 1 server.
Give to a friend.
Decompile or mess with the code.
Or any thing else that will change the plugin.

As you know all payments are made Via PayPal.
There are no refunds after 24 hours of the purchase.
The plugin will cost $5 a Copy and I will be selling multiple copies.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to Pm me!

Thanks for checking out the plugin and I hope this will suit your needs!



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