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Features of this plugin:

  • Drop packages every x amount of seconds
  • Similar to PUBG and H1Z1 style airdrops
  • Fits all types of servers! Factions, Prison, GTA, etc.
  • Gives player configured loot from configuration
  • Can set amount of rewards given to player
  • Set custom radius and world of the crate drops
  • Insanely customisable messages (colour, prefix, etc)
  • Very easy to configure - Supports commands for loot! Give keys, custom items and much more!
  • Set minimum amount of players required for an airdrop to start
  • Multiple tiers - from 1 to 420+
  • Many more features!

Version Compatibility:
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

Commands & Permissions:
Main command:
/airdrop, /aird, /adrop, /ad - brings up help menu if done alone

Sub Commands:
  • /airdrop help - Does the same thing as /airdrop
  • /airdrop time - Show the amount of time left until next airdrop
  • /airdrop location - View the current location of the airdrop
  • /airdrop forcestart - Force start an airdrop if you don't want to wait the next timer (perfect for testing)
  • /airdrop config (Variable from config) (stuff...) - You can automatically update the configuration file from in game!
  • /airdrop setlocation (tier) - Set the location of the current airdrop
  • /airdrop reload - Reloads the config file.

/airdrop - No permission
/airdrop help - No permission
/airdrop time - No permission
/airdrop location - No permission
/airdrop forcestart - airdrop.forcestart
/airdrop config - airdrop.config
/airdrop setlocation - airdrop.setlocation
/airdrop reload - airdrop.reload


# This is help for all the messages in the configuration file
# Doing this allows you to use commands like /airdrop setlocation & /airdrop config
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Time - This edits the amount of time for each drop. Recommended to keep about 31 minutes. Note: This is in seconds
# AmountOfRewardsGiven - Basically you can have 100 rewards per tier, but if you set this to a certain number it will only give them that amount!
# HelpMessage - message sent when they type /airdrop or /airdrop help
# VariableList - Message sent when they type /airdrop variablelist : Variables are like Time, 30MinWarning, NoPermission, etc...
# All the warnings are self explainitory. Min = Minutes, Sec = seconds.
# RandomWorld - This is the world the Random chest will spawn in
# SlotsRequired - How many slots should they have open to open and get the rewards from the airdrop?
# NotEnoughSlotsOpenWarning - Warning message sent that they dont have enough slots to get the rewards!
# RandomLocation - If this is false, it will spawn a chest in the set locations, if its true then it will spawn a chest with a specified cords
# x-border and z-border basically is your max world border. It will randomly spawn a chest within these cords
# airDropWinnerBroadcast - Message broadcasted when a players wins the chest : Use %tier and %player as varibles!
# airDropWinner - This is the message sent to the player when they win a airdrop
# airDropStartBroadcast - MEssage broadcasted when an airdrop starts.
# NoPermission - if a player doesn't have permission this message will be sent to them.
# ChestForceStart - What should be broadcasted when an airdrop is forcestarted
# LocationMessage - message sent when a player does /airdrop location & the airdrop is active
# NoActiveDrops - If there aren't any drops out, this message will be sent
# ConfigReloaded - Message sent to the player when they successfully reloaded the configuration file
# ChestClaimable - MEssage sent when they type /airdrop time and there is an active chest
# TimeUntilDrop - Message sent when they type /airdrop time
# SetLocationError - If they dont type in the /airdrop setlocation (Tier number) correctly, this will be sent
# invalidVariable - If they try to edit something from the config that doesnt exist
# sucessfulUpdate - Message sent when the configuration file was successfully updated.
# invalidArguments - If they dont properly type in /airdrop config (Varible(like a message) (stuff...) this will be sent
Time: 7200
AmountOfRewardsGiven: 1
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&b/airdrop location &8- &7View the location of an airdrop crate.'
- '&b/airdrop time &8- &7View the time remaining until the next airdrop.'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
- '&b/airdrop location &8- &7View the location of an airdrop crate.'
- '&b/airdrop time &8- &7View the time remaining until the next airdrop.'
- '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
SlotsRequired: 15
NotEnoughSlotsOpenWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7At least &b{slots} &7slots of inventory
  space need to be clear to open this crate!'
RandomLocation: true
RandomWorld: world
xBorder: 1500
zBorder: 1500
30MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b30 minutes&7!'
10MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b10 minutes&7!'
5MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b5 minutes!'
1MinWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b1 minute!'
5SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b5..'
4SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b4..'
3SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b3..'
2SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b2..'
1SecWarning: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7There will be an airdrop in &b1..'
airDropWinnerBroadcast: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &b%player &7has found a &a&l%tier &7crate&7&l!'
airDropWinner: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7You have found a &b%tier crate&7!'
airdroptartBroadcast: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7A &b%tier &7chest was dropped at &b%x1 %y1
NoPermission: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &cYou do not have permission to run this command!'
ChestForceStart: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &bThe airdrop was force started!'
LocationMessage: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7The current location of this chest is &b%cx %cy
NoActivedrop: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&r &cThere are currently no active Airdrops =('
ConfigReloaded: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &aYou have successfully reloaded the config file!'
ChestClaimable: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &cThe chest is claimable!'
TimeUntilDrop: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &7The time until the next airdrop is (HH:MM:SS) &b%time'
SetLocationError: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&b Error: Invalid arguments : Please use /airdrop
  setlocation (tiernumber)'
invalidVariable: '&8[&bAirdrop&8]&4Error: That is an invalid varible'
successfulUpdate: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &aCongrats! You have successfully updated the configuration
invalidArguments: '&8[&bAirdrop&8] &4Error: &cInvalid arguments for the /airdrop config
  [varible] [stuff...]'
    name: default
      x: 123
      y: 60
      z: 12
    world: world
        name: Diamond Sword
        - give {username} diamond_sword 1
        name: Diamond Pickaxe
        - give {username} diamond_pickaxe 1
CurrentLocation: {}

More Images of this Plugin:

Upon issuing /airdrop forcestart


When command /airdrop or /airdrop help is issued


/airdrop location


Checking the time until next airdrop - /airdrop time

All messages can be changed to your liking within the configuration file.

What is included with your purchase?
  • The JAR file for Airdrops
  • My support on any issues you may have with this (just PM me or comment in my thread)
  • All future updates - Bug fixes, improvements from your suggestions, etc

Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
Very good plugin, 10/10. Deny is a great author
Plugin is semi-functional, but the developer is completely unresponsive. I've asked for help several times via PM, and haven't heard back in over 2 months. Wouldn't recommend spending the money, no matter how low the price. I left a review stating that I'd come back and write a better review for support, and still didn't get any response. I offered to pay an additional $20 to have the issue resolved, and to have a small feature added. No response.

While the plugin does seem to function somewhat, the NPE console spam is ridiculous, and the lack of some common-sense substitutions detracts from the value of the plugin.

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