(50% OFF) CrazyEnchantments HCF Config Enchanter & CustomEnchants GKITS High Quality v2017-10-31

Very high quality configuration of crazyenchantments for a HCF server, customized enchanter & gkits.
This is a customized and unique version of the HCF enchanter & gkits for servers such as VeltPVP 4.0 & Arcane 3.0. Includes a custom /enchanter, /ce, /tinkerer, /gkits & also includes the custom enchants that suits a hcf server.

Included in the config
5 Tiers of custom enchants » Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Legendary.
CE Menu » A very custom menu where you can buy the custom enchant books using XP LEVELS. Access to the GKITS using the menu. Access to the tinkerer using the menu. Access to the enchantment info using the menu. Showcase of black & white scrolls.
7 Kits » GOD, ServerName, Diamond, Archer, Bard, Rogue & Miner each with a cooldown of 2 days.
Starter Kit » A starter kit!
Kit Preview » Your players can right click on a kit to preview what's inside.
Custom Enchantments for HCF Only.

Everything is shown in this video. If you want pictures added, let me know. 50% Sale for halloween, HIGH QUALITY. Please leave a rating. Any suggestions, post below.

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  • You do not have permission to resell this product or anything in it no matter what.
Thanks <3

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