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High Quality Prison Mine -Natural themed!

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Terrible mines, bad resource... this worth 0,50$
Absolutely terrible, the builds are incomplete, and masked by the high FOV in the screenshots. Most are clear copies of another mine and just having a //replace command ran. There is little shape blending and are clearly just a ton of spheres placed in a line.

The blocks have numerous holes and players can jump out the tops of them, this is an easy fix for the builder by just making some of the walls 2-3 blocks tall, but hasn't been done.

I would seriously recommend buying another resource for your prison mines as this is just shocking - Not sure if it's even worth $1.50, let alone $4.

TL;DR: Blocks are copies of each other, no blending, easy to get out of.
Thank you, I appreciate
Architectures appear to be exquisite and come in a variety of design.

Although, one thing I do have to note; the builds seemed to have become smaller and smaller at a certain point, but even then, it receives a 5 star from me.
Didn't take the time to do the actual mine part, just marked the area that it would be placed, which is annoying because now I have to take the time to create the actual mines and set them up. Adding onto that, some of the builds have sand and gravel with nothing under them so when you go to paste the schematic they fall... :P
Great Builds, very high quality! Good job! :)


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