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[Abandoned] Decus - Tebex Theme 1.1.1

Modern and flat system-driven design to give your store a sophisticated look.
Sorting PayPal issues, don't buy

Decus is a Tebex (Ultimate plan) theme designed with careful attention to detail and a design system in place, featuring 3 layouts.


This is the default layout.
Modules position: right sidebar.
Navbar position: above content.

Dark | Light
Modules position: below content.
Navbar position: left sidebar.

Dark | Light
This layout displays information only relevant to purchase; a more minimalistic version of layout 2.
Modules position: below content, only shown in Index/Home page. (Limited to 5 modules).
Navbar position: left sidebar.

Dark | Light
Dark theme's inset padding on the navbar is now fixed; same as in light.

Screenshots (Layout 1)
Packages (List)
Packages (Images)
Checkout (* can't see payment options because I did not set them up in this test store)
Cart modal (Need to update) (Check live preview)
IP modal
Regular modal

All the above screenshots were done using the Neutral colour scheme.

Red palette overview
Green palette overview
Blue palette overview
Orange palette overview
Packages (List)
Packages (Images)
Checkout (* can't see payment options because I did not set them up in this test store)
Cart modal (Will update soon)
IP modal
Regular modal

All the above screenshots were done using a custom colour scheme.

Neutral palette overview

- Easy to navigate and de-cluttered UI
- Cohesive colour palettes
- Custom header (with server player count and discord member count display) (with click to copy IP)
- Custom footer (with click to copy IP)
- Custom cart module with popup (when logged in)
- Cart pop-up modal
- Mobile responsive
- Custom animated pop-up modals
- Easy to change custom content
- Custom checkout page
- Custom packages display page
- Customizable (logo width, logo vertical offset, border radius, box shadow, section headers)
I've also included a text detailing the installation process, step-by-step.

Add-on Features
- Dynamic Cart

Colour Palettes
Light version:
- Neutral
- Red
- Green
- Blue
- Orange
More to be added.

Dark version:
- Customizable; only need two shades of the same colour to be provided.
- Neutral

Tebex (Ultimate or Enterprise plan).

If you need assistance with the installation of the product or something related to it, contact me via a Private Message here or via Discord @ Larjd#5394. I will provide help only for theme-related inquiries, not Tebex itself.

See "Terms and Conditions" tab before purchasing.

Note: Package illustrations and logo not included.

Decus for XenForo.
Decus for CraftingStore.
Crediting original
Built from Tebex base templates.

Latest updates

  1. Blurry modals

    Version 1.1.1 - Fixed issue causing blurry modals in some browsers - Slightly modified modal...
  2. Top Customer module

    Version 1.1.0 - Fixed Top Customer module
  3. Responsive images and other minor fixes

    Version 1.0.9 - Fixed footer links styling in light themes - Images in panels now responsive -...

Latest reviews

Terrible Support, Does not come with all styles as said, Terms of service is broken and all installed correctly.
The seller communication is amazing also offered to help me with minor issues I had with the theme, no question the layout is amazing and this one of examples to have a layout for your tebex theme.
Absolutely amazing webstore design. The design is clean and easy to setup. Thank you very much. Fantastic job.
Beautiful theme! Larjd is very active and is AMAZING support, you don't see many sellers like him on the market. Communicable, efficient, and skillful in his work.
The theme is Amazing. The seller is very nice and solved all my issues and questions. If i could i would give 10 stars
Great person, good job, all work perfectly, I didn't find any bugs
Amazing theme, and Larjd is amazing support.
Fixed an issue I had very efficiently and quickly. Thank you for providing us with this level of greatness.
Great theme and excellent support, highly recommend this for anyone looking to make their store look better.
Wow, amazingly professional looking theme at a fraction of the cost of the other overused theme!
Very good theme for BuyCraft and good support from the author.



Digital product
License duration
99.00 USD
First release
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