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AcpFood v2017-10-28

A simple 'insta-food' plugin originally designed for gun servers.
First released in late 2014, Acp Food was a simple 'insta-food' plugin designed for practice servers of McBrawl's popular Mc-WarZ gun survival server. After receiving lots of feedback (and downloads) I decided to re-make the entire plugin from scratch. You'll find that this new version includes many new features! I thank everyone who used my plugin before this update, although I don't know you could bear using such a crap plugin. P.S. Acp Food is now open source!

Source Code

If you want, you can view all the code on my GitHub.


  • All Mc-WarZ foods and drinks: Canned Beans, Canned Pasta, Canned Fish, Pepsi and Mountain Dew.
  • Configurable hunger/health amounts.
  • Configurable item display names and lores. (Supports chat color)
  • Configurable eat delay time.
  • Configurable sounds.
  • Configurable eat messages. (Supports chat color)
  • Ability to give players 'refills' when food on their hot bar runs out. (Will refill with food from their inventory)
  • Ability to change all food items/outdated food items to the latest food from the file.
  • Ability to allow or restrict certain players from eating certain foods. (See permissions)
  • Supports Kit GUI plugins. (Kit GUI's will display the correct food name & lore instead of the actual item name.)
  • Both special Mc-WarZ foods. (Golden Apple and Sugar)
  • Configurable invincibility time for Golden Apple.
  • Configurable speed time for Sugar.
  • A few other options in the config files. :)
Want to request a feature? Contact me.

Here are all the permissions for each food / command.

Food Permissions:
  • acpfood.foods.* - Permission to eat all food types. (Including special food types)
  • acpfood.foods.cannedbeans - Permission to eat
  • acpfood.foods.cannedpasta - Permission to eat Canned Pasta.
  • acpfood.foods.cannedfish - Permission to eat Canned Fish.
  • acpfood.foods.pepsi - Permission to drink Pepsi.
  • acpfood.foods.mountaindew - Permission to drink Mountain Dew
  • acpfood.foods.sugar - Permission to eat Sugar.
  • acpfood.foods.goldenapple - Permission to eat Golden Apples.
Other Permissions:
  • acpfood.reload - Permission to reload the config files.
  • acpfood.update - Permission to download the latest version.
  • acpfood.refill - Permission to use the food refill feature.

  • /AcpFood - Displays the current version of Acp Food.
  • /AcpFood reload - Reloads all of the food files and the main config file.
  • /AcpFood - Update - Downloads the latest version of Acp Food.
EULA: Standard EULA
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Oct 30, 2017 Published
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