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Advanced Bungee Setup - Announcer Always-Online PlayerList (Serverlist) Votifier - 20% OFF 1.7-1.12.2

Highly advanced bungee designed with big pvp & modded servers in mind.

This bungeecord setup is fine-tuned, plug and play bungeecord setup made which incorporates interesting plugins to create a great gameplay experience to your players. Including essential plugins, but also new interesting ones, we hope this setup will satisfy your needs.

Alternative Configs:
The following premium plugins can be used to replace the free out of the box plugins:
  • MultiLobby - Can replace RandomHub

Setup Collection:
This resource can run separately, but you can also use it with other resources in this collection. Doing so offers you a pre-made network with good design and quality.

  • Server Side
  1. Highly Fine-Tuned config (Well Thought)
  2. Secure (Both for cracked and premium servers)
  3. No Paid dependencies (all is free of charge)
  4. Low Memory & Cpu usage (512MB RAM & i3 can sustain 200+ players)
  5. Customisation help
    • Commented config.yml.txt which will help you set up your bungeecord very well, without having any prior knowledge of doing so.
  6. Non UTF-8 Compatible (ex: OmgServ)
  • Player Side
  1. Server Slots Player List (shows the players)
    • Beautiful Design
    • Global player count without joining the server
  2. Optimised settings
    • Connection Throttle
      • It will limit bots crashing your server.
      • It is not annoying for real players.
    • Compresion threshold
      • High enough for low network usage.
      • Low CPU usage
  3. Custom Bungeecord Name
    • Editable in Config.yml
    • Looks profesional and high quality.
  4. Online when Mojang servers are offline
    • Logs your Username, ip and uuid in a file (or mysql database), and allow people with the same ip to join even if the mojang servers are down.
  5. Message Announcer
    • Once every 5 minutes.
    • Pre-made Messages
      • Forum Link
      • Staff Info
      • Thanks message
      • Donation link
      • Vote link
    • Clean design.
  6. Custom Bungeecord Messages
    • Custom Alert Messages
    • Custom Disconnect Messages
    • Custom Send Message
  7. Pre-Made MOTD design
    • Easily Changable.
    • Good design
  8. Ping plugin (Usefull for PvP Servers)
    • Let players check eachother's ping.
    • Limits Fake-Reports
    • Helps staff check for fake ping.
  9. Offline-Mode (optional)
    • Secure for offline-mode players
    • Skins for offline mode
    • Auth-Me stops issuing bungee commands.
  10. No Delay When Teleporting Between Servers.
    • Dont make players wait for the world loading animation.
    • Fast & Efficient
  11. BungeeCord Votifier Forwarding
    • Easily set up votifier on your servers to gain more players
    • More Efficient & Secure than traditional methods
  12. Between-Players Mailing
    • Mail players with a message of your choice.
    • Global-Messaging system.
  13. Proper Anti-Bot setup tutorial
    • The circumstances in wich bots can join your server vary, and because of that, a antibot plugin needs major tweaking for optimisation sake.
    • Easy to understand and learn for the future.
Proof of ownership:




Test Server:
(!) : The lobby setup can be bought here and is not included in this resource.

Skype contact - stefatorus
Discord Id - Stefatorus#9382

Questions & Technical Support:


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