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Advanced Creative Setup - Safe WorldEdit Global Money Custom Walls - 5$ 1.8-1.12.2

High quality creative setup, appealing to anybody: Simple Player or Builder

This creative setup is an advanced solution containing custom world generation, safe worldedit and more!
It is made to be as beautiful and efficient as possible, allowing simple players and builders alike be happy on this setup.

Optional Requirements:
The following are necessary to fully set up the global money, (and optional AuthMe):
  • Mysql Database (or MariaD:cool:

Setup Collection:
This resource can run separately, but you can also use it with other resources in this collection. Doing so offers you a pre-made network with good design and quality.

  • Server Side
  1. Highly Optimised Server ( 20 tps with ~20 players with mid-range equipment)
  2. Secure (Safe WorldEdit - No Exploits)
  3. No Useless plugins (Replaced with Vanilla features)
  4. Low Memory & Cpu usage (3GB RAM & i3 can sustain 50+ players)
  • Player Side
  1. Map (Custom Generation & Spawn)
    • Beautifull Design
    • Custom Walls ( When world Generates)
  2. Souls Collector (Global Money Shop)
    • WorldEdit Access ( 20 souls)
    • More Plots (20 souls)
    • Plot Flags (simmilar to WorldGuard flags)
  3. Global Money (souls)
    • Well integrated (Buy items from the souls collector using global money)
    • Easily integrated on minigames (can be done via command or api)
  4. Scoreboard
    • Nice Design, not cluttered by too many colors
    • Shows User, Souls, how many plots he has, who owns the plot you are in and if you can build in it.
  5. Holograms
    • Welcome Message
    • How many online players
    • Store
    • Forum
  6. Welcome Titles
    • Server Welcome Message
  7. Tablist
    • Clean Design
    • Servername slot
    • Website slot
    • Forum & Store slot
    • Slogan slot
  8. NoCheatPlus
    • Properly Configured
    • Only usefull checks are enabled
    • Player is unable to find if nocheatplus is on the server.
  9. Safe WorldEdit
    • Players can only worldedit 5000 blocks, wich is permissive enough not to cause any issues.
    • Dangerous blocks (lava, water, falling blocks) are blacklisted.
  10. Automatic Old Plot removal
    • Removes old plots only if their quality is bad (advanced checking of plot quality)
  11. Join Message (MOTD)
    • Interesting (square frame)
    • Server Info slot
    • Forum Slot
    • Store Slot
  12. No Hacked item Crashes
  • Stop hacked items that may crash your server.
  • Delete unsafe enchantments.

Proof of ownership:







Check if you didn't change bukkit.yml in any way.\
In order to optimise the server and make it run very well, we didn't use plugins like MultiVerse or MultiWorld, wich are both plugins that can lag your server.
We preffer a much simpler way, that is included in vanilla bukkit, so please don't review the resource bad because of this.
You can simply take the PlotsSquared folder, wich contains anything you need for custom walls and old-plot deletion.
ServerName is a placeholder for your server's name, prefix or anything else. You can select the part of the message you want to replace and select replace all. It is available in any modern text editor.

Test Server:
(!) : Join it through the compass. The lobby is bought sepparately.

Skype contact - stefatorus
Discord Id - Stefatorus#9382

Questions & Technical Support:

Latest reviews

Good setup. I recommend for new Creative servers
perfect working , no errors for me, friendly support i like this set up
first start server and not work.. really, "you are sending too many packets in localhost". we are supposed to pay for server that must operate the basics minimally.
I fixed the issue in this release.
Sorry for this issue, I didn't know it was existent.

You can simply go to the update list and see how to fix it (if you changed configs), or download the update and that's all.
it has so many bugs i can not claim a plot and the normall work is on the plots u can find a lake and mountain or a tree in plots
Your issue was deleting the bukkit.yml that was the one resonsible for the world generation.

Please paste the original bukkit.yml instead of your own one


Digital product
License duration
First release
Last update
3.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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