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Advanced Spigot&Bungee Tweaks - Fix Server Lag TNT-Cannon Fixes Anti X-Ray 20+ Templates 1.7-1.14.2

Get rid of lag, fix your tnt cannons & make xray useless & fix pvp, all using one resource!

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Most Purchased Optimization Resource
This resource is the most purchased optimization resource on Mc-Market. With over 100 happy customers, you can be sure you'll get satisfied by the resource. Actively worked on and improved over time, with fast & helpful support, we make sure your server is going to be the next big deal.

Save Money Easily
No need to buy many expensive dedicated servers. This resource helps you get the most of your current equipment, and thus save money by not buying unnecessary equipment.

This pack will help your server have a higher performance, a better gameplay style, or just to make everything easy for you. It contains factions-related fixes, survival optimizations, non-pvp tweaks and much more.

Setup Collection:
This resource can run separately, but you can also use it with other resources in this collection. Doing so offers you a pre-made network with good design and quality.

  • Gameplay Mode & Optimised mode
    • Gameplay mode is made to work for high-end servers, improving gameplay quality
    • The optimized mode is for people who want to get as much as they can from their setup. This means there will be compromises to be made, but the end result is definitely better.
  1. Factions Profile
    • 1.7-Like TNT Cannons (not moved by wateR)
    • No TNT-Knockback
    • Stackable buckets (water & lava)
    • Better Cannons
    • No E/W BUG (You don't need a realigner for your TNT cannons)
    • TNT & FallingBlocks load new chunks (for sniper cannons)
    • Fixed Roof Cannoning (Tnt over Y=256)
    • Improved sword-blocking
    • Slower Baby-Zombie
    • Tweaked Strength & Weakness potions
    • Flat Bedrock
    • Die if trying to go over the nether
    • Improved mob-spawning system
    • Zombies don't attack villagers
    • No Ender-Portal Spawns
    • Higher TNT/tick than base tweaks.
    • High View Distance (10 chunks)
    • See players from 8 chunks away
    • More mobs
  2. Survival Profile
    • Optimised Mob AI-s
    • Better Spawners
    • Improved mob-farms
    • Improved sword-blocking
    • Slower Baby-Zombie
    • Tweaked Strength & Weakness potions
    • Die if trying to go over the nether
    • Improved mob-spawning system
    • Zombies don't attack villagers
    • Higher mob concentration than the base tweaks.
    • High View Distance (10 chunks)
    • See players from 8 chunks away
    • More mobs
  3. NonPvP Profile
    • Removed Critical Hits
    • Improved Inventory Detection
    • Optimised for non-combat situations
    • Made for minigames & hubs (beauty).
    • High View Distance (12 chunks)
    • See players from 8 chunks away
    • Normal Mobs
  4. PvP Profile:
    • Better Hunger (Get Hunger harder, especially while pvp-ing)
    • Better Bow Sniping (See players from 8 chunks away)
    • Slightly nerfed Strength potions, to allow skillful players kill a less skillful player, even if he has a strength potions.
    • Longer Item & Arrow despawn time
  5. Hidden-Players Profile
    • Made for single-player hosted servers, where you might want to create events (eg: questing event).
  6. GTA-RPG Profile
    • Created by GTA server experts, it improves shooting distances, and overall improves gameplay. Snipers & guided weapons will greatly be improved.
  7. BedWars-Eggwars Profile
    • Remove the cosmetically-ugly item stacking feature, and make it look beautiful. Also improves the game with Sky-Game Optimisations & Tweaks.
  8. SkyBlock Optimisations
    • Modified Survival Config that makes it easier for skyblock players to play.
  9. Bungee Tweaks
    • Allow 1.7 players on your server.
    • Custom-Made Bungee Messages & Alert.
    • Better Bungee configuration.
    • Custom /bungee version
  10. Anti-XRAY Mode
    • Unique anti-xray system, wich will annoy hackers, without having any effect on legit players.
    • Make X-Rayers unsure of what they are going for, as ores are disguised as other, less appealing ores.
  11. Debug Mode
    • Compete system for debugging your server.
    • External way of montioring your server's performance issues, using an java feature and an external visualiser.
    • Improve the speed of /timings reports, in order to be able to see what happens exactly when that short but huge lag-spike happens.
  12. Priority Startup Script
    • Choose which of your servers is more vital for your network, and make sure your server knows which of your servers to prioritise, in order to minimize loss in case of overcrowding on your server.
  13. LagAssist
    • Smart Mob Purger (Doesn't remove mobs that have a name, simmilar to how vanilla minecraft does. This makes sure players will allready know how this anti-lag plugin works).
    • RedstoneCuller (Get rid of lag-machines and unefficient Redstone Farms, and delay the time it takes for them to get started back up).
    • HopperTweaks (Make hoppers turn to stone when they are used a lot [Configurable Chance - Set to 0 to disable] in order to get rid of hopper lag and defer afk farming. )
    • Disable Physics (Choose which physics events you want to disable, and choose if you want them to be enabled on server start as default)
    • Graphical User Interface (Easy to use GUI in order to make using this plugin simpleR).
    • Lag Monitor (Check for low tps and run actions in order to make them grow up again). Smart & Efficient system.
    • InGame TPS Monitor (Get a map that shows a graph of your tps, along with usefull information like TPS & Free Memory).
    • ChunkAnalyse (Find the laggiest chunks in your worlds and react accordingly. Fully configurable!)
  14. Lag Optimisations
    • Tick Priorities (No visible lag when tps is low) - [++++]
    • Better Entity Management - [+++]
    • Better Garbage-Collector - [+++]
    • No More Block Lag - [+++]
    • No More Chunk Lag - [+++]
    • No More Spawner Lag - [++]
    • Optimised Cannons [++]
    • Optimised Map Related [++]
& Much more. Make sure to contact me on discord or skype if you need further help! Also, advanced features can be shown after this text.​

Premium Support:
You are not only getting high-quality setups by themselves, but also a very good support to help with your needs. We try to help our customers whenever we see them having an issue, and we don't think twice when it comes to stop doing something in order to help our customers.

Priority Startup Script:
This new experimental stable kind of startup script makes Linux prioritize your Minecraft server, ensuring that your server is using the fast lane when system resources are low. This especially helps when there is a high load and is recommended for vital servers (eg: Bungee, Lobbies, Etc), in order to keep them working perfectly under peak load. It works on a very low level, by communicating with the kernel.

Debug Mode:
This mode allows you to find what is causing issues to your server. It includes a more improved crash-logger, better & more frequent timings, and even an external thread watcher with which you can diagnose your server remotely.
This feature is highly advanced and is going to help you diagnose even the most bizarre, unique and untraceable crashes, bugs or lag.

Sponge Tweaks:
The Sponge-Tweaks configs optimize your sponge-powered server, offering an extra boost to its efficiency. The tweaks improve the way Sponge works in a similar way to the spigot-tweaks.

LagAssist (Included):
LagAssist is a plugin created to help manually and automatically reduce lag. It includes many tools that can be used to locate lag sources and remove them. It also includes various benchmark features, that will help you plan your infrastructure ahead.
LagAssist is also light-weight, consuming only 0.4% of ticks with 100 players online, while also retaining a lot of features.

YouTube Tutorials:


  • lagassist.use - Use the LagAssist GUI & Commands
  • lagassist.reload - Have the ability to reload the plugin.
  • lagassist.chunkanalyser - Allow the use to the chunkanalyser feature of lagassist (Also needs lagassist.use)

The lag monitor analyses the server performance and runs measures according to the server tps. It is fully configurable, allowing clients to configure everything from the monitor's frequency, and what measures will get executed depending on the server tps.
It shows different messages to the players and staff, helping staff know what measures have been executed, while not offering confidential informations to the player (configurable).

The chunkalayser helps find laggy chunks based on a predefined score table. You can set different score ratings for each normal & tile entity. Running the command will list the chunks with the highest score. You can click each chunk to teleport to it.
This feature is highly advanced and will highly help you to find lag sources along with useful info to mitigate it.
The chunkanalyser also allows you to check the score for the current chunk. This feature is pretty usefull to check areas which might seem laggy, superpopulated, etc.

The lagmap is a simple way to visualize server performance. It helps to monitor lag spikes and find when the server starts lagging.

The LagMeter is a minimal lag-visualizer that can help you monitor lag while doing other tasks.
It will even show when the server is recovering from a lagspike by running tick calculations faster.

LagOverview is a simple yet detailed look into system information. It can help to find out what may be causing lag spikes on the hardware-level; help monitor how much shared hosts oversell, and more.

A Lag-Overview is shown each time you use /tps.

The Redstone-Culler is one of the most advanced features of LagAssist. It is fully configurable, and you can set it to do anything from simply disabling Redstone-machines each time the Redstone is culled to checking how many times observers tick and removing the ones that pass a certain rate.
It is very useful for preventing Redstone lag, as the "breaker" setting can be changed to defer creating large and inefficient farms while leaving simple, efficient farms intact.
I highly recommend it for servers where redstone is widely available, such as: Creative, Survival, Factions, Skyblock, etc.

The benchmark system offers important details about your machine, along with an approximation of how many players you will be able to keep. It gets the CPU data from Passmark's CpuBenchmark site by simulating a browser, and the memory information from your process and uses an advanced algorithm to find how many players you will be able to keep.
It also shows you information about your download and upload speed from any FTP server you want. The default one is highly reliable and fast, so you can make sure that the benchmark will be right wherever you are in the world.

Note: The benchmark system relies on getting the cpu name from the system. Java doesn't offer any easy way to do it, so i had to create my own efficient and compact system to get the CPU name. The system is OS-Dependent. Currently, only Windows, Linux and MacOS is implemented (if you run on another kind of system, PM me and i'll add it with your help). MacOS should work but is not tested.

Ping Benchmark
The ping benchmark is a simple way to find information about the playes' connectivity to your server. It is simple now, yet it gives quite a lot of useful informations.

Disable physics elements when the server is lagging. It can be configured to only disable some features, or even disable it on startup.
This can also be used to remove unused gameplay features, in order to optimize the server.

Culls the mobs if the tps is low. Can help with removing mobs from highly-populated areas. It is set not to remove mobs that are named, in order to a vanilla-like gameplay.

Spawner Improver
Spawners can be a large source of lag for minecraft servers. Thus, i've made it very simple to modify spawner attributes in order to optimize both gameplay and performance. Not only can you modify how spawners work, but also automatically remove some them based on chance in case players have extremely many spawners. This feature has had amazing results on, where a mis-calculation lead to players having exceedingly many spawners that lagged the server. The implementation of the spawner improved the TPS by 30% (from 16 TPS to 19 TPS).

World Blacklist
Choose which worlds lagassist will not have an effect on. It is especially helpful if you have a hub world where Redstone should always work, even if the server is lagging.

The config is very simple to understand and extremely vast. You can configure allmost everything, allowing for value fine-tuning. This way, you can make this plugin to detect issues that aren't present in vanilla servers.

Why Buy LagAssist
  • LagFree - LagAssist is made to work along with your own spigot/paper optimizations. On test runs on (with 100 players), lagassist consumed 0.4% of the tick.
  • Deluxe Support - I offer support as soon as I can, and I love to get feedback and to implement requested features.
  • Smart Measures - LagAssist is a plugin, and plugins have a lot of possibilities. LagAssist's numerous LagMeasures allow you to maintain your server fresh, to remove lag-machines automatically and find what causes lag.
  • Prevention - LagAssist's RedstoneCuller system prevents lag, not just fixes it. It will make sure your server will not become overcluttered by laggy and inefficient Redstone farms.

LagAssist vs Other anti-lag plugins
Most anti-lag plugins count on the inability of the server owner to configure his server properly and correct for that. For example, some clear items every 5 minutes or so, which is not only useless, but that can even be achieved without any plugins. Spigot has a setting named item-despawn-rate that can be set to accomplish the same thing without annoyances such as items disappearing just as they are dropped if the player is unfortunate.
Also, a large portion of them allows the owner to trigger a Garbage Collection. Java clears memory when it needs to, and triggering it when it doesn't need more RAM is not recommended.
Some of them have even been reported to produce lag by themselves, even taking up to 6% per tick (while lagassist takes ~0.3% for most servers).
LagAssist has a different approach. It is developed to work on top of a good spigot (& paper too, I really recommend it) server and to help large server owners achieve large player counts without lag. Not only does it fix lag, but also help prevent it. It has some great tools that can help while developing the server in order to understand the server's limits and how you can overcome that.

Proof of ownership:

This resource gives you the ability to choose from many different templates, each best suited for your experience.
This is not only a factions cannon fixer, or a simple xray preventer. This is a complex, efficient & extensive resource.
The optimized mode is meant for servers which need optimization and might struggle with their TPS. It employs workarounds and "tricks" to improve TPS and limit the damages done by low tps. This way, your server won't lag. Even if your server is overloaded (many players), the lag will seem small, blocks will break as normal, mobs will still behave normally, and players won't complain. This adds some barriers for users who really want to offer the highest-quality gameplay for their players but is the recommended one to use on a high amount of players.

The gameplay mode uses slight optimizations along with "barrier-breaking" changes, which allow some features that don't work well on the plain spigot.yml to work here. Some examples of this are TNT-cannons bugs, which don't happen here. Along with that, it usually has some gameplay improvements as well. For example, the pvp mode offers higher player & entity view distance in order to allow for sniping; the factions mode stacks buckets for easy base building; etc.

The Extreme mode doesn't fit many servers but might help you in case you really want a truly vanilla experience. It breaks all gameplay-barriers, allowing giant TNT-cannons; huge view distance; etc. Although this mode is the most offering, it is not recommended unless used on a small server, or a very good dedicated server; because the reduced barriers also allow for lag to set in.
If there is a minigame which needs tweaking, and isn't available in the current version, contact me via PM, skype or discord message and gives me a link so I can see the minigame, and shortly explain what you need. I'll make a new template for that minigame and post it as an update.
This is because Linux doesn't allow normal users (non-root) to prioritize processes by default (security measure for multi-user setups). You can fix it by following this tutorial.
Yes. Recently, we added LagAssist, a plugin that is meant to work together with the other tweaks in order to be the final response to lag. They are meant to work with each other, and include useful features that you can see in the Features tab.
Sure. Just join our discord server and show us your idea. If your idea is a good one, we will make sure it's available for download in no more than 3 days! (simple suggestions are faster, complex ones might take longer.)

Test Server:

(!) : The lobby setup can be bought here and is not included in this resource.

Skype contact - stefatorus
Discord Id - Stefatorus#9382

Questions & Technical Support:

Latest reviews

Always loved this resource. I came to check if it was updated yet but sadly wasn't.
Great Plugin! Extremely Useful!
Probably best support I've gotten from any developer so far. He literally answers all my questions, with a good response. Knows what hes doing for sure. Highly recommend talking with this guy!
Simply the best :D!!! And please, add more features to your LagAssist plugin :)
Sure. Just tell me what you are interested in, and I'll add it.
Amazing tweeks love this so so much i recommend this extension to anyone! Great support as well got my response in under 5 min!
Thank you for your review. We hope this plugin satisfies you :)
add 1.11.2 please !!!
You can use the 1.12 config with a 1.12.2 server. I'll pm you the jar file
Amazing, actually works. Fixed my cannoning issues. I've only had this for a little while and I love it. Can't thank you enough Author.
I hope you are satisfied with my resource.
If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to PM me ^_^
Very good update thank you for adding bungee optimizations actually really help with lag before apply this configs i have heavy lagg after apply server totally less lag 20.03 tps worth resource.
Thank you for your review.
helps with lag and such but the tnt fixes dont work at all, every cannon ive tried on oneshot always blows up.
I helped you to fix your issue by helping you choose what template is best for you.

Thank You,
Stefan Deleanu
Thanks, help me a lot with my server, great work.


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