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Aero 1.3c

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Undo 1.9 Changes and re-add a Notch Apple Crafting Recipe, disable the Hitcooldown and much more.
Notice: Acquized is leaving the Spigot community, due to this he has handed this project over to me.


Aero is the first Plugin that disables more than just one Feature that was implemented in the 1.9 Update. It allows User to get the 1.8 Feeling for a few Features, and also the 1.9 Feeling for a few other Features. You choose.

  • Restore the Recipe for the Notch Apple
  • Remove the Hit Cooldown for any Weapon / Tool
  • Disables the Off-Hand Slot
  • Removes the Spectral Arrow Effect
  • Block the Placing / Crafting of Ender Crystals
  • Automatically add a shield in the off hand slot when right clicking, replacing blocking with a sword
  • Block the pickup / flying from Elytras
  • Automatically put Blaze Powder in the Brewing Stand when a user opens it
  • Disable creation of paths when a user right clicks with a shovel
  • Disables User Colliding
  • 100% customizable, if you like any of the new 1.9 features, you can re-enable them in the config
Commands & Permissions:

/aero <Debug, Reload>
  • Enables / Disables the Debug Mode or Reloads the Config
  • aero.commands.main
  1. Download the Plugin using the Download Button on top of this Page
  2. Drag & Drop the Plugin into your Spigot / Bukkit Plugins Folder
  3. Start your Server
  4. (optional) Configure the Plugin
  5. Enjoy the 1.8 Feeling on your 1.9 Server!
# / \ ___ _ __ ___
# / _ \ / _ \ '__/ _ \
# / ___ \ __/ | | (_) |
# /_/ \_\___|_| \___/

# Set here the Prefix that should be used for all Messages
# Color Codes are supported - Don't forgot the space at the end.
Prefix: '&b[Aero] &7'
# Don't change this unless you want to reset the config
Version: 1.2

# Should players be able to craft the enchanted golden apple?
CraftableOpGapple: true
# Should the 1.9 Hit Cooldown be removed from all Weapons?
RemoveHitCooldown: true
# Should the 2. hand slot be disabled?
# Players will not be able to put items in this slot
DisableOffHandSlot: true
# Automaticly remove the Spectral Arrow Effect from all mobs
RemoveSpectralEffect: true
# Should crafting and placing from Ender Crystals be blocked?
Crafting: true
Placing: true
# If a player blocks, should automaticly a shield appear in his off hand slot
AddBlockingWithShield: true
# Should Players be able to get the Elytra in the Inventory or flying with it?
InInventory: true
Flying: false
# Should automaticly on open a Blaze Rod placed in the Brewing Stand? Players will not able to get these
BrewingStandPowder: true
# Disallow creating Grass Path Blocks when right clicking with a shovel?
DisallowRightClickPath: false
# Can User collide each other?
UserColliding: false


The Project is licensed under the Apache License v2. You can view the complete License in the LICENSE File in the Main Root of the GitHub Repo.


If you have a issues or cannot get the plugin working, feel free to open a Issue Request on GitHub or send me a PM here on MC-Market.



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Very Good plugin thank you
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