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AgarioMC 1.5.4

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Play in Minecraft! Levels, Skins, Splitting and more!
AgarioMC is my attempt to make in Minecraft. Features a lot of things the real game does, like Skins, splitting and levels. More below.
Requires 1.8 Spigot/Bukkit or higher
Requires Vault

Requires a Vault-supported chat plugin and a Vault-supported permissions plugin.

- Unqiue gameplay.
- Customizable messages
- Optimized - Have a ton of players with no lag
- Skins (Only shown when you have at least 1000 score)
- Level system
- PowerUps - Great voting reward
- Splitting (You can only be split into 2 blobs)
- Hats
- Radio (This is an optional feature. This feature requires the plugin icJukeBox)

- Option to play sounds when eating mass (List of sounds found here)
- Eject mass
- Multiple sizes of blobs
- Players speed changes depending on their size.
- Comes with a pre-built map, that is optimized for better FPS
- A lot of in-game Admin commands (Coming soon)
- Commands to help you catch hackers (Coming soon)
- Start with more mass depending on your level
- Start with more mass depending on permissions (In development)
- Give Skins depending on level
- Give Hats depending on level
- Give Powerups depending on level
- Mass decaying when you reach a certain size. This is to balance the game.
- Automatic stats saving
- Viruses (Coming soon)
- XP multipliers


- agariomc.join
- agariomc.split
- agariomc.coloredchat
- agariomc.skins.creeper
- agariomc.skins.twitch
- agariomc.skins.jacksepticeye
- agariomc.skins.pride
- agariomc.skins.smash
- agariomc.skins.questionmark
- agariomc.skins.yingyang
- agariomc.skins.mlg
- agariomc.skins.deadpool
- agariomc.skins.googlechrome
- agariomc.hats.dirt
- agariomc.hats.grass
- agariomc.hats.coalore
- agariomc.hats.lapisore
- agariomc.hats.redstoneore
- agariomc.hats.goldore
- agariomc.hats.ironore
- agariomc.hats.diamondore
- agariomc.hats.emeraldore
- agariomc.hats.podzol
- agariomc.hats.mycelium
- agariomc.hats.coalblock
- agariomc.hats.lapisblock
- agariomc.hats.redstoneblock
- agariomc.hats.goldblock
- agariomc.hats.ironblock
- agariomc.hats.diamondblock
- agariomc.hats.emeraldblock
- agariomc.hats.piston
- agariomc.hats.stsickypiston
- agariomc.hats.noteblock
- agariomc.hats.dispenser
- agariomc.hats.tnt
- agariomc.hats.redstonelamp
- agariomc.hats.cobblestonestair
- agariomc.hats.sponge
- agariomc.hats.bedrock
- agariomc.hats.anvil
- agariomc.hats.obsidian
- agariomc.hats.jackolantern
- agariomc.hats.sealantern
- agariomc.hats.hay
- agariomc.hats.furnace
- agariomc.hats.workbench
- agariomc.hats.chest
- agariomc.hats.beacon
- agariomc.hats.leaves
- agariomc.hats.cactus
- agariomc.hats.endportalframe
- agariomc.hats.enderchest
- agariomc.hats.enchantmenttable
- agariomc.hats.bookshelf
- agariomc.hats.slimeblock
- agariomc.hats.glasspane
- agariomc.hats.leatherhelmet
- agariomc.hats.goldhelmet
- agariomc.hats.ironhelmet
- agariomc.hats.diamondhelmet
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.2
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.3
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.4
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.5
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.6
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.7
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.8
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.9
- agariomc.xpmultiplier.10

Description: Join the game
Alias: respawn
Description: Skin selector
Alias: changeskin
Description: Check your level
Alias: stats

Need help or got a question/suggestion?
I'll be there to assist you, and answer all your questions, just leave a reply here: (link)


You can ask for help in the discussions section. Here:

Please note!
This plugin is in early development, and there is a few bugs, and things that is not perfected yet. I'll list the known ones below. I am working on fixing those issues. And there's a few things that aren't really issues, just things I should let everyone know.

- It's possible for wool to get left behind on the map, by players or the server lagging. Wool can also get left behind when the blob changes size.
- The speed system is not completely balanced yet.
- Skins cannot be customized, I do not expect to make this configurable. If you want skins added, I'd be more than happy to do so. Please suggest them in the discussion section.
- Splitting is a little glitchy. I am re-doing splitting completely, but it will take a little while for it to be made and tested.
- This plugin does not disable mob spawning or pvp. It is recommended you disable PvP and mob spawning completely in the
- This plugin has not been tested on offline-mode servers. It is possible that it doesn't work on offline-mode servers.
- This plugin is intended to be used on a server alone, it is not meant to be used on a server with other gamemodes on it, such as Factions and what not.
- It is possible for the blob to not pickup items, even if they're in radius. This only happens if there's too many blocks near the player, or the server/host is laggy/poor quality. With the default settings and map, this should not happen.
- The plugin has been very thoroughly tested, as I used to run a server with the plugin. I have never noticed any lag, even with 15 players on a 1 GB server. It is however possible that if you're using a poor quality host, or if there is a lot of players, it can get choppy, since the plugin does a lot of checks. The plugin has been tested with over 50 players playing at once, and there were no issues.

If you have any questions, make sure you ask them before you purchase the plugin.

About the map:
The map that comes with this plugin is optimized for better FPS. I did some tests, and my results were the following. Singleplayer Vanilla Minecraft map: about 500 FPS average. While the map that comes with this plugin, I get 900-1000.
Both maps were tested with same settings, and with no players in sight.
Cordinates to the default map: X: 30 Y: 5 Z: 729

There is a few requirements for the map:

- The floor has to be Cyan Stained Clay (ID: 159:9) (This will be configurable soon)
- The map/arena can be any size and shape, however you should take into account, that the spawning of items and players are based on a random location within a square, which means, if you put the area outside of the map/arena, people and items can spawn outside of the map/arena.

- You are in no way allowed to redistribute this plugin.
- You are only allowed to use this on one server, if you have a network/hub server, you may use the plugin on any server within the network.
- You are not allowed to modify the code of the plugin in any way, if there is something you want changed, contact me in the discussion section of the resource, or send me a PM.
- You are not allowed to decompile the plugin.
- You cannot receive a refund, unless the plugin fails to startup, and I am unable to fix your issue.



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