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This plugin provides everything you could ever need from a shop plugin. It provides GUI shops. One for the server, where players can buy unlimited amounts of items at a set price, and one for the players, where they can sell their items at the price they want.

Don't like GUI shops? Don't worry! We got you covered! The plugin also includes chest shops with both server chest shops and player chest shops. Want to mix and match? No problem!

You can enable and disable whatever types of shops you may want or not. The plugin also includes a trading feature that allows players to have a secure trading method. It can also be disabled in the configuration file. Not only that, the plugin also allows for customization. It's everything you could ever want!

Why This Plugin Draft.jpg

Finding all the combination of plugins that you need is always a hassle. You often have to go searching for multiple plugins that offer some of the things you want but never all of them making your server look bloated with plugins. Buying this plugin means that you get every shop type that you could ever want in one jar file.

Not only that, you'll get support for any problems that may arise, suggest new features, and get those features for free! Stop struggling with trying to find all the different plugins that suite your needs and buy this all in one plugin!

Features Draft.jpg

- GUI Server Shop
- GUI Player Market
- GUI Auction House
- Server Chest Shop
- Player Chest Shop
- Trading System
- Permissions for each module
- Customizable Prefix
- Customizable Messages
- Great Support
- Free awesome updates
- 1.14 compatibility
- 1.15 compatibility
- 1.16 compatibility
- Place Holders!
- More features to come soon!



Commands Draft.jpg

Format: /(main command)

/AllShop (aka /as) - *Main command*
reload - *reloads the plugins configuration*

/Shop - *Opens the server shop*
sell {price} - *Sells anything in your hand*
remove [ID] - *Removes a listing from the server shop*

/Auction - Opens the auction house
bid {starting bid} - *Puts the item in your hand up for auction*
remove [ID] [optional: return item boolean] - *Removes a listing from the player shop and can return the item*

/Market - *Opens the player market*
sell {price} - *Sells anything in your hand*
remove [ID] [optional: return item boolean] - *Removes a listing from the player shop and can return the item*

/Trade - Trading command*
{Player} - *Initiates a trade with the requested player*
accept - *Accepts a requested trade*
deny - *Denies a requested trade*

Permissions Draft.jpg

allshop.* - permission node for everything

allshop.admin - permission node for administrative actions (Selling to the server shop, reloading, removing chest shops) - permission node to use the server shop - permission node to use auctions - permission node to use player shop - permission node for trading

allshop.chest - permission node for anything relating to chest shops


Make sure you are running spigot or paper. Drag and drop the jar file into your plugins folder and verify the installation of vault before starting the server. Change the configuration file to fit your needs.

%id% - returns the listing id
%seller% - returns the seller name
%price% - returns the listing price
%amount% - returns the listing amount
%item% - returns the listed Item
%date% - returns the date the listing was posted
%UUID% - returns the seller's UUID
%expires% - returns the amount of time left before the item
%minBid% - returns the minimum bid of an auction
%bid% - returns the current bid of an auction
%bidder% - returns the highest bidder of an auction
These are only usable for custom listing informations when a player is hovering over a listing!!

Configuration Draft.jpg

########################## ALLSHOP CONFIG ################################
# If players can use the inventory shop and sell on it anywhere
player-shop-enabled: true
# If there is a server shop
server-shop-enabled: true
#If auctions are enabled
auctions-enabled: true
# If player trading is enabled
trading-enabled: true
# If players can use and make chest shops
chest-shop-enabled: true
# How many listings may a player have at a time (Digital Shop) (Set to -1 for unlimited listings)
shop-listings-limit: 5
#Amount of days before a listing is removed
days-before-removal: 7
# Plugin Prefix
prefix: '[&eAllShop&f]'
debug: false

#Whether or not shops are updated with information while the player is looking at them (Can help with performance)
real-time-shop-updates: true
#How many seconds before the next shop update (Must have real-time-shop-updates enabled!)
seconds-before-next-update: 1

####### MESSAGES ########
  successfully-reloaded: '&aSuccessfully reloaded plugin'
  item-id-missing: '&cYou must include the item ID!'
  id-not-an-integer: '&cThe ID must be an integer!'
  price-not-an-integer: '&cPrice must be an integer'
  amount-not-an-integer: '&cAmount must be an integer!'
  server-shop-disabled: '&cThe Server Shop is disabled on this server!'
  player-shop-disabled: '&cThe Player Shop is disabled on this server!'
  empty-hand: '&cYour hand cannot be empty!'
  maximum-listings-reached: '&cYou have reached the maximum listings limit'
  missing-price: '&cYou must give a price!'
  trading-disabled: '&cTrading is disabled on this server'
  trade-denied: '&cTrade successfully denied!'
  trade-canceled: '&cTrade Cancelled'
  trade-sent: '&aTrade request successfully sent!'
  transaction-canceled: '&aTransaction Cancelled!'
  player-offline: '&cPlayer not online!'
  not-a-player: '&cYou must be a player to execute this command!'
  cannot-trade-with-yourself: '&cYou cannot trade with yourself!'
  command-must-include-name: '&cCommand input must include player name!'
  cannot-remove-other-players-item: '&cYou cannot remove another players item!'
  not-enough-money: '&cYou do not have enough money for this!'
  chest-shop-out-of-stock: '&cThis shop is out of stock!'
  cannot-buy-from-chest-shop: '&cYou cannot buy from this shop!'
  cannot-sell-to-chest-shop: '&cYou cannot sell to this shop!'
  chest-shop-is-full: '&cThis shop is full!'
  trade-expired: '&cThe trade has expired!'
  listing-removed: '&aItem removed successfully!'
  no-permission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this!'
  id-not-found: '&cItem ID not found!'
  seller-not-enough-money: '&cThe seller does not have enough money!'
  gui-server-shop-name: 'Server Shop'
  gui-player-shop-name: 'Market'
  gui-trading-name: 'Trade'
  gui-auctions-name: 'Auctions'
  bid-not-an-integer: '&cBid must be an integer!'
  bid-not-bigger-than-current-bid: '&cYou must include a bigger bid than the current one!'
  starting-bid-missing: '&cYou must give a starting bid!'
  #PLACE HOLDERS FOR LISTING INFORMATION: %id%, %seller%, %price%, %amount%, %item%, %date%, %UUID%, %expires%, %minBid%, %bid%, %bidder%,
 - ''
  - '&d---------------------'
  - '&aID: %id%'
  - '&aSeller: %seller%'
  - '&aPrice: %price%'
  - '&aExpires In: %expires%'
  - '&d---------------------'
 - ''
  - '&d---------------------'
  - '&aID: %id%'
  - '&aPrice: %price%'
  - '&d---------------------'
 - ''
  - '&d---------------------'
  - '&aID: %id%'
  - '&aSeller: %seller%'
  - '&aStarting bid: %minBid%'
  - '&aCurrent bid: %bid%'
  - '&aHighest Bidder: %bidder%'
  - '&aExpires In: %expires%'
  - '&d---------------------'

Support Draft.jpg

To report any bugs, request a feature, or have any general questions:
Join my discord for support!

Want to try it out before buying? Join the AllShop Testing Server!

Please note, to use the AllShop chest shop system, you must use Minecraft Item IDs to sell items. ex. The Id for stone is minecraft:stone so on the sign you would put stone.
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