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an advanced and cheap minecraft anticheat

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We've been using AngelX pretty much since it's dropped. Plugin is really really well put together and has come a long way. It's not a one-size-fits-all and may not fit your needs out of the box, so you may have to disable a check here or check there or modify some values. But rest assured if you give it the time this plugin is the best you're gonna get on the open market.
I do not recommend that you buy this plugin, many errors and bugs, I reported a long time ago and it was not resolved
Poor Anticheat.
It´s a Shame because it shows a lot of potential. First of is the shear amount of False signals i recieved from this AC. It was so bad that basically it detected that everybody was "Hacking". Scaffolding, fly, Step and Killaura (Type C) are one of the most strongly used by the AC to give false signals.
I wouldnt leave such a low review but adding to the Poor development of the guys in charge and the wait time for help in a "Paid plugin" rising to the days to wait, its enraging for the price they are asking.
When they do get to you, their answers are vague and without any context or reason as for why the plugin is failing, so you basically have to guess what´s wrong with it. For instance, the key system they provide is "Sort of" Broken and it decides (Out of the blue) To restart the server on its own just because. Not only does it restarts but it doesnt let it go fully on. Owners clearly did not fix this error, having them not really care about it (this is the second time this has happened on a LIVE SERVER).
When we talk about numbers, this anticheat did "its job" (barely) Detecting 120 players that ever had flags/warnings without banning (some of them almost over 2000 warnings) 15 were banned and only 2 Were correctly banned (After further Moderating reviewing).
I am more than willing to help the Owners solve this "cheap" solution if they want to hear.
At this current state: a definetelly Do Not Buy from this plugin and go try your luck on the competition.
You have never reported an issue other then the licence key issue and after tracking it it looks like you are using the anticheat on more then 1 dedicated server or you are sharing it (that means you broke our terms) you have never reported an issue about false flags and i have ticket logs to proof that many other servers are using AngelX with big playerbase with no issue how I am supposed to fix false flags you never reported?? and leaving a bad review wont change the plugin reputation so you are telling me all thos other reviews are fake?
Great anticheat with no performance hit at all on my 1.8 paper server. It has very quick detection and is also very easy to understand and configure to your needs.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Epic anticheat. It's the cheapest anticheat for this performance. Blocking many cheats with few seconds. Appreciate that
Still an extremely good Anticheat for PVP based servers. The dev is quick at patching and often resonds withing 3-5 minutes. Small issues here and there, but i fixed most by tweaking the config for 5 minutes. I abselutely reccommend for ANYONE. 5/5
Great anticheat with great support! worth the price! looks very clean as well, love the gui feature as well
Best Anti-Cheating Software for this price!
Amazing anticheat with amazing devs. I confirmed it is the best cheap AntiCheat of the world !
Decent but with numerous little falsd positives which are theoretically not something anyone would do other than people trying to find flaws. I guess it’s a decent anticheat, but due to the nature of it being oriented to detect a variety of cheats (blatant and ghost) it misses a decent amount of quite famous bypasses.

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