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Anti-Lag Starter Kit 1.8+

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Good config for good plugins.

Just thought i'd share some config on well known lag reducing plugins, we have them tweaked to suit our servers and it plays a major role in keeping TPS up and resources low.

Further Configuring may be required, this current setup wouldn't effect vanilla minecraft but if you have extremely bad issues with lag you can always make these settings harsher.

Servers i'm associated with..

Whats good about the config?

+ ClearLAG

> Disabled auto-update: (unnecessary check, just stay some what active on spigot and you'll be fine)
> mob-breeding-limiter // Value which would suit any server
> log-purger // Enabled (To avoid build up of useless data)
> area-filter // Added Horses, players tend to get annoyed when they get purged.
> Mob-Range // Enabled, helps towards less strain on the CPU
> Dispensers nerfed
> Entities limited per chunk // added extra entities
> spawn-limiter // Disabled (I suggest using paperclip)
> Nerfed mob-spawners
> and more...

+ CoreProtect (Although it doesn't fight lag directly, i'm shocked at how many people just don't disable the useless information it takes in by default, extremely bad if you have anything over 20 players standard)

> Coreprotect basically just has a load of checks enabled by default, useless data will no longer be recorded preventing large databases.

+ FarmLimiter

> exclude-tamed: true
> Great setup for large grinders

+ MergedMobs

> Only effects SpawnerMobs
> Prevents the merging of irongolems + Villagers (for custom spawners, people get mad if they merge)
> Great for keeping entities numbers down, especially if your server(s) have large mob grinders.


<< Side Note >>

I would personally recommend you make the switch over to PaperClip ClickHere

Then use this Thread ClickHere

I've also heard good things about TacoSpigot, I haven't really messed around with it though.
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Latest reviews

pretty good for fixing some lag issues
Nice configurations! Definitely are helpful ;)

P.S. It is not your configs but are you able to help me out? Every auto clear lag there is a lag spike for a few ms.
Make sure you have the latest version, also it sounds like its clearing out a large amount of something. Is it running a large clearing or does it only take out like 200 entities?


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