Allow your players to claim a daily reward for each day of April
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  1. Plugin config
This Deluxe Menu resource is a recreation of an Advent Calendar for the month of April. This configuration can allow you to either give away, or sell access to a set of 30 days of rewards. This configuration runs off of your server's local time. If your server's local day is the 1st of April, players will be able to claim their reward for the 1st of April, regardless of their local time. Players require a permission node to access the menu, which is fully explained in the menu config you receive.

The menu and the configuration options are all fully explained. This menu has copious deny messages which will allow you to troubleshoot any and all problems.

When a player tries to claim a reward again:

When a player tries to claim a reward and it is not April:

When a player tries to claim a reward on the wrong day in April:

When a player claims a reward successfully:

These error and success messages will tell you exactly what is and isn't being met to allow a player to claim a reward.

Please note, without extensive work on your end, this menu does not allow players to claim any "missed" rewards. If April 1st comes and goes, and a player does not claim their reward, they will not be able to get the rewards via my menu. The only way they can get the rewards they missed would be if YOU, the server owner, either modified my menu, or manually gives them the rewards.

How to Install.

Note: This has been developed and Tested on Pixelmon 9.1.3 and on Arclight-Forge 1.16.5 Version 1.0.25. If any issues arise that are cause as a result of version differences, I may be unable to assist you however I will direct you to those who can.

1. Install DeluxeMenus and PlaceholderAPI.
2. Install LuckPerms. (Bukkit)
3. Run the following commands In Game once Step 1-2 is complete and the Plugins have loaded:

/papi ecloud download changeoutput
/papi ecloud download Math
/papi ecloud download Server
/papi ecloud download Player
/papi ecloud download LuckPerms

4. Once you have run the commands in Step 3, run the command:

/papi reload

5. Drag and drop the 'config.yml' file you receive from me, into the Deluxemenus folder created in your plugins folder. It will likely ask to replace the existing one, you must do so.

Note: If you have pre-existing Deluxemenus configurations, replacing your config file with mine, will disable any and all menus other than the Advent Calendar. In order to avoid this, open up both config.yml files and transfer over the menu specification. I am going to assume you know how to do this since you already have preexisting Deluxemenus. If you do not, contact the person who created these Deluxemenus for you or contact myself via discord (Ad Hominem#4318) and I will assist you.

6. Drag and drop the aprilcalendar.yml into the folder named "gui_menus".

7. Run the command /dm reload.

8. Give a player the permission node 'adventcalendar.april.permission' to allow them to open the menu. Please note that players with OP or * permission nodes may have a difficult time navigating this menu due to the permission dependency nature of my configurations.

9) Join the IMystic discord channel: click me

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