AquaCore - Core Manager For Your Server v3.0.15

Advanced server core, includes disguise, discord sync, punishments, permissions and a lot more.


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Aqua Core is a complete add-on for any type of server. It supports the ranks system, punishments, essentials features & commands, and much more. This core has a bunch of features and will have more in the next updates. Aqua Core supports a spigot server with bungee and multiple proxies.

AquaCore API & API Documentation:
AquaCore Plugin Documentation:

  1. Java 8
  2. Spigot/Paper Spigot 1.7 - 1.19
  3. If you're using bungee with multiple sub-servers Mongo and Redis are required
    1. Mongo Database - plugin uses the mongo database to store all the info such as punishments, rank, etc.
    2. Redis Database - plugin uses the Redis database to sync and communicate between your bungee and proxies servers.
Internet connection:
  • This product uses a license system which requires your system to be able to connect to the internet.
  • Once you purchase the product, you need to join the support discord listed on the resource page in order to receive your license.

  • Discord Sync
    • AquaCore comes with a discord webhook sync to announce messages such as punishments, rank changes, helpop and report to your discord server.
    • You can setup your discord webhook in just few seconds, you can find more info about that here:
      • 4ypRMGh.png



  • Disguise

    • Use disguise at your own responsibility, if you have an old plugin which uses player's name to store data it might get lost when using disguise, however plugins that uses player's name to store data should not be used.
    • Disguise system allows you to completely go undercover, changing your name skin and in-game rank.
    • You can choose up to 250+ random skins throughout a menu.
      • /disguise <name>, this will take you into a processing menu where you can choose skin and rank to disguise to
      • /undisguise, this will un-disguise you if you're disguised
      • /disguiseinfo, this will give you info about online players who are disguised
      • /disguiseinfo <player>, with this you can check if online player is disguised
      • Give a player "aqua.disguise.rank.<rank_name>" permission to allow the player to disguise to specific rank
    • Add custom disguise skin to cache by using /cachedisguise <name>
    • Toggle which names you want to show (custom added ones or all) in disguise menu





  • Punishments
    • Punishments include all types of punishments such as Bans, Mutes, Kicks, and others.
    • Commands
      • /blacklist <player> <reason> [-s] [-c]
      • /ban <player> [duration] <reason> [-s] [-c]
      • /mute <player> [duration] <reason> [-s]
      • /ipban <player> [duration] <reason> [-s] [-c]
      • /warn <player> [duration] <reason> [-s]
      • /unban <player> <reason> [-s]
      • /unmute <player> <reason> [-s]
      • /unblacklist <player> <reason> [-s]
      • /kick <player> <reason> [-s]
      • /checkpunishments <player>
      • /punishinfo
    • [-s] punishes the player silently and punishment message will not be broadcasted to everyone.
    • [-c] clears punished player's inventory upon receiving punishment.
    • About
      1. Bans
        You can ban players permanently or for a specified period of time. Players can also be IP-banned. If a player is IP-banned no one from the banned IP can join the server.
        • 4RgYYqJ.png
      2. Mutes
        You can mute players permanently or for a specified period of time. If a player has active mute the player can't be muted until the previous mute expires.
      3. Warns
        You can warn players permanently or for a specified period of time.
        If a player reaches a configurable amount of warns they will be banned for a configurable amount of time. All warns can be set to inactive after they get banned.
      4. Blacklists
        The player and the IP of the player will be blacklisted and no one from the IP won't be able to join the server.
      5. Alts
        You can check all alts from the last IP of the user.
        - Alts are scanned on the last IP of the user.
        • ioA6O0V.png
      6. History
        All punishments are saved in Mongo Database, it will save all active and in-active punishments which means that you can check them by doing /checkpunishments <user>.
        • L7Mg4Hd.png
  • Ranks
    • All ranks are synchronized and updated on every server
    • Ranks can be either global or per-server.
    • Ranks can also be "HIDDEN". The HIDDEN ranks will be used for permissions only, prefixes, suffixes, and color will be filtered from those ranks.
    • You can specify the rank type. It can be Default, Donator, Staff, or HIDDEN.

  • Grants
    • All player ranks are handled by the grant system.
    • The player can have one or more grants, all permissions from the grants will be synchronized and the grant with the highest rank weight will be displayed and used as a player's main grant/rank.
    • 10a5e6e4650c9273c802930a2d12448b.gif
    • 6cf2eb819a60abdf42401e97914aa2a4.gif
  • Reports and Requests
    • Reports and requests are synchronized between all servers.
    • Both reports and requests cooldowns are global to prevent feature abusing.
    • Reports are saved in the database and will be marked as "Unsolved" until a staff member decides to solve them. Also, all reports can be viewed in /reports <player>, you can choose which one to show, either solved or unsolved and solved ones.

  • e4fe34ea36b5d9c9fe4096d21a4668b5.gif
  • Tags
    • Chat tags are tags that will be shown in the chat when the player is typing.
    • All tags are synchronized between all servers and can be created and imported from config by doing /tagsimports.
    • To give a tag you need to give the following permission to the player: aqua.tags.<tag_name>
    • 25212835e3a5be9104240e8e51c2b2e5.gif

    • To access tags main menu you can type /tags
  • Admin and Staff Chat
    • Staff chat can be toggled by doing /staffchat or used by doing /staffchat <message...>
    • Admin chat can be toggled by doing /adminchat or used by doing /adminchat <message...>
    • Staff chat and Admin chat have their quick access prefixes that can be put before your message to access to chats.
    • To access Staff chat you can type "!" before your message
    • To access Admin chat you can type "@" before your message
    • These prefixes are editable via configuration.

  • Staff connect messages
    • When a staff member joins, leave, or switches server on your proxy all online staff will be alerted.
    • nJUgy5x.png

  • Private messages
    • A player can message other players using /message <player>, other players can reply using /reply <player>.
    • A player can ignore players to prevent private messages receiving from that player.
    • The player can't send a message to the ignored player unless he/she decides to un-ignore the player.


  • Chat Management
    • Ability to mute, unmute, and delay chat.
    • This is not synchronized on every server.
    • Commands
      • /chat mute - used to mute server chat
      • /chat unmute - used to unmute server chat
      • /chat slow <delay> - used to slow down server chat

  • Server Management
    • Messages whenever the server goes offline or comes online.
    • 3NTi15Q.png

    • Commands
      • /servermanager - main command
      • /servermanager runcmd <server:all> <cmd> - used to run console command on a specific server or on all servers
      • /servermanager info <server> - used to get info of server
      • /servermanager listservers - used to get a list of all connected servers.


  • Filter system
    • All IPs and links will be filtered through the filter system unless you decide to disable it or add allowed links.
    • All configurable toxic worlds will be able filtered
  • Freeze system
    • Staff can freeze and unfreeze players by type /freeze <player>
    • Frozen players won't be able to move around, break blocks, get damaged, or execute commands. Executable commands can be configured in configuration files.

  • Panic system
    • Players can go in panic by doing /panic, it is usually used when a hacker attacks a player and they don't want to die.
    • When a player uses /panic, all staff on the network will be alerted and the player will be frozen. Unlike the freeze system, the panicked player will be able to run any command.
    • A staff member can use /unpanic <player>, to remove panic from the panicked player.
    • When a player uses /panic, the panic mode will be removed in a configurable amount of time (by default, in 10 minutes) and will receive command cooldown for a configurable amount (by default, for 15 minutes).

  • Permissions per player
    • This will not override a player's rank permissions, players will have ranks permissions + its own permissions if added.
    • Command
      • /setpermission <user> <permission> <true|false> - used to add or remove player's permission.

  • Settings / Options
    • These are settings that are synchronized between all servers
    • A player can toggle their own time, private messages, private messages sounds, and global chat through the GUI.
    • 0719d2ac58b4390b44e780befcf455b0.gif

      If you have any idea what to add instead "? ? ?", leave your suggestion down below.
  • Staff rollback
    • Ability to rollback all bans, mutes, blacklists or warns of the staff player who performed them.
  • Options to set your name color italic or bold also added options to set ranks to bold or italic
  • To set your name to bold or italic, you can use items in /color
  • To set rank bold or italic use of the following rank command arguments
    • /rank setbold <name> <true|false> - true to set italic and false to un-set bold
    • /rank setitalic <name> <true|false> - true to set italic and false to un-set italic
  • Added messages if someone is ban evading, this will message staff with all alts and will show alt color depending on alt status (Online, Banned, Offline).
  • Added placeholder for PlaceholderAPI to get a tag of the player, check out the main resource page for info.
  • Now if the player's message is filtered it will send the message as regular but only player will see it, staff will also be alerted, this doesn't apply to private messages!
  • Added permission node for every color in /color, permission would be<name_color>, if you want to give all colors use "", if you want to give access to bold use "" and if you want to give access to italic use ""
  • Added new setting to /settings called "Chat Mention", if you have this enabled and someone mentions your name in chat you will be alerted.

  • Added NameMC verification, setup your info about your server at NameMC, give rewards if player liked your server on NameMC, give ranks, give permissions, everything configurable.

  • Now players won't be able to grant higher rank than themself unless they have permission "aqua.grant.all".
  • Two Factor Authentication
    • 2FA is an effective system for blocking unauthorized access.
    • Added 2FA to allow players or staff to protect their accounts with their mobile devices whenever they log in.
    • Authentication will be synchronized between servers.

  • Coins system
    • Players will be able to purchase ranks using their coins.
    • They can only purchase purchasable ranks.
    • You can easily add points to the player's account by executing /coins add <player> <amount>, this is also executable from the console.
    • To set rank to be purchasable you can use next commands:
      • /rank setpurchasable <rank> <true|false> - set or un-set rank to be purchasable
      • /rank setcoinscost <rank> <amount> - set the amount of the coins that are needed in order to purchase rank.
    • All purchased ranks will last for only 30 days!
    • This is very useful to make players stay on the server.



Other features:
  • Gamemode Command - change your game to creative, survival, or adventures. (/gma, gmc and /gms available as well), player argument available as well.
  • AddLore Command - used to add lore to the item you're holding
  • RemoveLore Command - used to remove certain lore from the item you're holding.
  • Rename Command - used to set display name to item you're holding.
  • More Command - used to get the max amount of items you're holding.
  • Alert Command - used to alert messages globally.
  • Broadcast Command - used to broadcast messages on the server which you're on.
  • Clear Command - used to clear your inventory or inventory for others.
  • Feed Command - used to feed yourself or others.
  • Heal Command - used to heal yourself or others.
  • Invsee Command - used to see the inventory of the player, this also works with offline players, the player needs to join the server at least once.
  • Skull Command - used to get head/skull of the player
  • Sudo Command - used to sudo other players to type in chat or perform certain commands.
  • Teleport Command - used to teleport yourself to a player.
  • Teleport Here Command - used to teleport the player to yourself.
  • Teleport World Command - used to teleport yourself to a loaded world.
  • Teleport Position Command - used to teleport yourself to coordinates.
  • Fly Command - used to toggle your fly or the fly of others.
  • Give Command - used to give items.
  • Join Command - used to join a certain server followed by the argument.
  • Discord Command - used to get info about your discord server.
  • Teamspeak Command - used to get info about your Teamspeak server.
  • Twitter Command - used to get Twitter info about your server.
  • Store Command - used to get store info about your server.
  • God Command - used to enable god mode and become immortal.
  • Staffrollback Command - used to rollback staff's punishments [/staffrollback <name> <time> <type>]
    • For the type, you can use: "bans", "mutes", "warns" or "blacklists".
  • Maintenance Command - when enabled players will not be able to join the server unless they have bypass permission.
    • Wn6dU65.png
  • StaffList Command - used to get a list of online staff members.
    • You can also hide specified servers from being shown on this list.
    • ogoBWQz.png
  • List Command - used to get a list of online players, /list all to see global players.
    • 0PEUOR4.png
  • Info Command - used to get info of a player such as an address, last seen, etc.
  • PunishInfo Command - used to get punish info of yourself, check mutes, and warns.
  • AquaCore Command - used to get info about the plugin, /aquacore reload, used to reload all configs file.



  • NameTags - get colored player's names and colored name on the tab. (can be toggled).
  • Tips - auto announcements for your server.
  • Chat format - format players' chat in the way you like it.
  • StaffHistory - check all performed staff's punishments
    • Command:
      • /staffhistory <name>
    • 15021174a98aecce9eb6c623ba3956b0.gif
  • PEX Import
    • You can import all rank database and user database from PEX in 2 clicks!
    • IOsCu2y.png
  • Staff Mode
    • Fully configurable staff mode
    • Configure all items to your liking, switch items with vanish, freeze players, and more.
    • 60e37e0b1fa79ed9bc12934db6eb73b9.gif
  • Vanish System
    • Imported vanish system
    • Vanish priorities with permissions
      • Permission example:
        • aqua.vanish.priority.50 - the player will have the highest priority
        • aqua.vanish.priority.1 - the player will have the lowest priority
        • You can use any number between 1 and 50.

  • Playtime
    • Command to view your playtime or playtime of the other users.
    • lpaCjit.png
  • Placeholder API
    • Aqua Core supports placeholder API to get ranks name, color, etc.
  • Wipe Option
    • You can wipe all punishments using command /aqua wipe will open a nice GUI where you can select which type of punishments you want to wipe.
    • a706838bf3ead5bfe86acf12b9bb81f7.gif
%aqua_player_rank% - get player rank name
%aqua_player_color% - get color name of the player
%aqua_player_prefix% - get prefix of the player
%aqua_player_tag% - get player tag
%aqua_player_suffix% - get suffix of the player
%aqua_player_coins% - get coins of the player
%aqua_player_rank_name% - get rank name without any color codes
%aqua_player_rank_weight% - get rank weight
%aqua_player_vanish_prefix% - get vanish prefix if player is vanished
%aqua_player_staffmode_prefix% - get staff mode prefix if player is in staff mode
%aqua_player_rank_duration% - get player's rank duration
  • Coins System
    • Check out this update for details about coins: [click]
  • Config Files

If you're a developer and you want to implement aqua core to your plugin, you can do it by using this simple API.

AquaCore API & API Documentation:
AquaCore Plugin Documentation:

AquaCore - Created by FaceSlap_
  • Proof of ownership

Latest reviews

I've never tried another core, I went with AquaCore as from looking around, it seemed to be the nicest. This was an awful decision and I regret not doing my research futher and going with something like Mizu Core or Phoenix.

My main issues with the plugin are:
- Configuration is extremely limited with certain things
- Hex code support is, as far as I can tell, fully non-existent despite FaceSlap_ saying he added support for it in changelogs from August 2020
- The ranks system is pretty atrocious and I honestly wish I could just have it hook up to LuckPerms
- Speaking of the rank system, why can I import my permissions from PEX but not LP, wtaf is that lol?
- Some commands from the core it's trying to replicate (XeUtils found on MMC and Invaded) are just straight up missing. Why is there no slowmode or clearchat command?
- The support for the plugin is ATROCIOUS. It's at a point where the other buyers in the discord are more helpful than the staff themselves.

FaceSlap, I understand losing interest in a project, of which I've done so plenty of times, but the least you could've done before abandoning the plugin was write a PROPER documentation that isn't garbage like this current one. Listing permission nodes and placeholders is not a documentation, it's one part of it.

If you're going to buy this plugin, DON'T!
I wish I had something better to say about it but unfortunately not. It's disappointing that it has to be like this but all this has ended with is me feeling like I've paid way too much for something that isn't worth that much, and wishing that I did my research better.
3 stars because it is still the best core plugin for 1.8-1.19 it works for 1.20 as I have not found any issues with it although no new updates since februrary and it takes a while for activated to give you your licence.
The support is extremely slow and has trouble activating the plugin. Barley configurable & all obfuscated.
I bought this server core so long ago and it was good. FaceSlap_ isn't really updating this as much as he has before and I have gotten several DMs from people trying to get their license key and asking if FaceSlap has been on recently.

Yes this server core is still really good hence why I have gave it 3 stars because I happened to get my license key before FaceSlap went super inactive.

Please do not buy this server core until FaceSlap is actually active again.
Thanks for the review, I am still active and giving licenses as soon as I can
i bought this for $20 while on sale and i think it is worth the price,
its very convenient to have all these features in one plugin all working together
The plugin gives many errors and they take months to help you. The support is lame and useless
ANTICHEAT is reqUIred ANd ADD Support for no DATABASE
The plugin is really nice! WMany features and options! The support is also very great! I highly recommend this plugin :D

only downside: the developer takes some time to send you the license request,
Other than that, everything is great!
Great Plugin first of all
and great active owner and support team I got the plugin, and I opened the ticket nearly instant support great plugin keep it up!
Thank you very much!
The best plugin I bought. 100% recomended to buy it
Thank you for the review!
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Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
  3. Bungee
Supported versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
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772 Purchases
5.00 star(s)
Average rating (82)
Jul 5, 2019 Published
  1. Gameplay
  2. Games
  3. Chat
Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
  3. Bungee
Supported versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
  4. 1.10
  5. 1.11
  6. 1.12
  7. 1.13
  8. 1.14
  9. 1.15
  10. 1.16
  11. 1.17
  12. 1.18
  13. 1.19
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Mini-game type core where each player have to survive on their own or with teammates.
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings
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5.00 star(s) 53 ratings
1,649 purchases
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