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AquaCore - Core Manager For Your Server 3.0.13

Advanced server core, includes disguise, discord sync, punishments, permissions and a lot more.
- Fixed player ordering in /list
- Fixed check command, permissions, and aliases
- Changed Redis settings from 2.7 update as some user had an issue with it [Still in beta and needs testing]

- Added option to set chat color of a specific rank, by default it is white
- You can do /rank setchatcolor color <color>, this will set chat color of rank and when someone writes in a chat with the rank the message will be in the color that you set

- Added options to set your own chat color, this will override ranks chat color, also you do need permission for command and permission for each color or for all [Permissions are updated at main resource page]
- The command to set chat color is /cc or /chatcolor
- Permissions for the command is aqua.command.chatcolor

- All permissions updated in the main resource page under permissions spoiler.
- Added PlaceholderAPI for chat format.
- Fixed issues with Redis when executing punishments (Still in beta, report if having any issues)
- Fixed grant (when you grant someone it would set your display name instead of the user who you granted)
- Fixed issues with punishments executing from console
- Fixes
- Backed changes
- Updated API for this version and the versions after this, download latest API here.
- Bugs Fixes

- Added sound when someone mention you in a chat, (If ChatMention is enabled)
- Added placeholder "<senderName>" to ban and unban message to get just sender's name without prefix
- Now unban messages will show prefix too
- Fixed /setrank where you could set rank higher than yours
[-] Fixed default rank
[-] Changed code a litle bit and optimized it through the timings.
[-] Fixed temp grants
[-] Fixed files reloading/saving
[-] Fixed rank import and tags reload

[*] Added options to set your name color italic or bold, also added options to set ranks to bold or italic
To set your name to bold or italic, you can use items in /color
[*] To set rank bold or italic use of the following rank command arguments
* /rank setbold <name> <true|false> - true to set italic and false to un-set bold
* /rank setitalic <name> <true|false> - true to set italic and false to un-set italic
[*] Added messages if someone is ban evading, this will message staff with all alts and will show alt color depending on alt status (Online, Banned, Offline).
[*] Added placeholder for PlaceholderAPI to get tag of the player, check out main resource page for info.
[*] Now if player's message is filtered it will send message as regular but only player will see it, staff will also be alerted, this doesn't apply to private messages!
[*] Added permission node for every color in /color, permission would be<name_color>, if you want to give all colors use "", if you want to give access to bold use "" and if you want to give access to italic use ""
[*] Added new setting to /settings called "Chat Mention", if you have this enabled and someone mention your name in chat you will be alerted.

[*] Added NameMC verification, setup your info about your server at NameMC, give rewards if player liked your server on NameMC, give ranks, give permissions, everything configurable.

[*] Now players won't be able to grant higher rank than them self unless they have permission "aqua.grant.all".
[*] Added coins system
  • Player will be able to purchase ranks using their coins.
  • They can only purchase ranks that are purchasable.
  • You can easily add points to player's account by executing /coins add <player> <amount>, this is also executable from console.
  • To set rank to be purchasable you can use next commands:
    • - /rank setpurchasable <rank> <true|false> - set or un-set rank to be purchasable
    • - /rank setcoinscost <rank> <amount> - set the amount of the coins that are needed in order to purchase rank.
  • All purchased ranks will last for only 30 days!
  • This is very useful to make players stay on server.



NOTE: For all buyers please add this spoiler to your settings.yml
  enabled: true
  #Use your server name on NameMC or server IP
  #Example URL:
  #For name it would be:
  server-name: ''
    send-message: true
      - ' '
      - '&eIt seems that you didn'' like us on Name MC, go to'
      - '&b &eand like us'
      - '&eto receive in-game rewards'
      - ''
      enabled: true
      #Rank won't be given if doesn't exists!
      rank-name: 'NameMC'
      enabled: false
        - 'example-permission'
  enabled: true
  starting-coins: 100

Test server has been updated with latest version:
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed duplication of punishments file
- Fixed placeholders when rank color changes withing player color, now it will be just rank color

- Optimized some code
- Added alert is someone is ban evading, permission to see alert is "aqua.alert.evade"

- Change the way how default ranks work, they won't be saved in grants anymore, they are now handled by rank management, if there is more default ranks, the rank with the highest weight will be the main one.
- Added /rank setdefault <name>, used to set your default rank

- Test server has been updated with this version!
- Test server now has 3 servers including Lobby, so you guys can check synchronization and everyhting!

This is 3.0 PRE-RELEASE, if you have any ideas for 3.0 feel free to message me on discord or create a ticket at development discord!
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 77 ratings
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