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ArcadiaEnchants [68 Enchants] [10.99 SALE] v1.8, 1.9

A Custom enchantment plugin great for factions minecraft servers!

Custom enchants are a custom feature that provide you with an all new experience! There are a total of 68 custom enchants in this pack that will provide you with a new feature to stick out from the crowd! First, do /enchant. This will bring up a GUI to choose what tier enchantment you want. You have the ability to enable and disable any of the 68 enchantments. When added to equipment, they are organized by color for that extra aesthetic pop.

Tier 1: 15 experience levels

Tier 2: 30 experience levels

Tier 3: 45 experience levels

Tier 4: 50 experience levels

Tier 5: 60 experience levels


After you choose the tier, you will receive a random enchantment book from that level. Right-click with the enchantment book in hand and choose an item to enchant. If you no longer wish to use the enchantment, do /cancel and the book will be returned to you.


Below is a list of some the custom enchants we currently have implemented. (We have a total of 68 enchants)

Levels: 1-5

Desc: chance to deal double the damage based upon your level!

-=Angelic Health=-

Levels: 1-5

Desc: Heal back part of the damage dealt on you!

-=Angelic Hunger=-

Levels: only level 2

Desc: gain back part of the damage dealt back to you, In hunger.

Notes: Only on helmet


Levels: only level 3

Desc: Provides you with a constant light source!

Notes: Only on helmets


Levels: only level 3

Desc: Jump 2.5 blocks instead of 1!

Note: Only on boots


Levels: 1-5

Desc: Receive a max health boost when equipped!


Levels: only level 4

Desc: Take no fire damage!

-=Deep wounds=-

Levels: 3-5

Desc: when the enemy hits you, they have a chance of receiving mining fatigue!



Levels: Only level 3

Desc: Drop the enemies heads 100% of the time!


Levels: Only level 5

Desc: Chance to heal yourself upon damaging the enemy!

-=Double Tap=-

Levels: only level 4

Desc: hits the opponent twice in a rapid succession upon activation!

-=Zeus's pride=-

Levels: 1-5

Desc: When activated, a lightning bolt strikes down on your enemy dealing 1-5 hearts of damage!


Levels: 1-5

Desc: chance of dealing poison damage to your enemy!


Levels: 1-5

Desc: Gives a chance to give to deal damage to 2 or more enemies within a 6 block radius!



Level: 1-5

Desc: deals the damage directly to the player, ignoring armor!


Level: 1-5

Desc: shoot your teammates and they will gain back hearts!


Levels: 1-5

Desc: Chance of dealing poison damage to enemies!



Level: 1-5

Desc: Receive multiplied exp from ores!


Level: 2-3

Desc: Gain the haste effect upon use!

-=Obsidian Worker=-

Level: only level 5

Desc: instantly break obsidian!

Full list:

/enchant give <playername> <enchant type> <level> <amount>

Description: Gives a player an enchantment book.



Description: Opens up the enchant GUI.

/enchant reload

Description: Reloads the configurations.


Arcadiaenchant.use < Allows player to use the system.

I recommend hooking this up to citizens.

Test Server: N/A



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