ArcaneStats | Displays in-game statistics on your Discord server v1.0.1

Displays in-game statistics on your Discord server
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  • PlaceholderAPI Support - ArcaneStats it is powered by the amazing plugin PlaceholderAPI which allows you to access any type of data from your server. The placeholders list can be found here
  • Player argument - Useful if you want to display the statistics of a certain plugin, for example their balance
  • Online & Offline players - If the information that you want to display require the player to be online on the server just go to config and set 'onlinePlayer.required' to 'true'
  • Messages - Commands can have the following messages: usage, unknown player, no permission, offline player (for when the command require the player to be online)
  • Tow different message type - The command response can be a normal chat message, an embed or even both
  • Permissions - Limit the command only to people with a certain permission level, use this tool to generate a permission level with the list of permissions you want the user to have (for example, setting the level to 8 will limit the command access only to users with Administrator permission)
  • Bot settings - The status & activity type - including the message and the url for type 1 (streaming) - can be changed from config
  • Configurable - Almost everything can be changed from config: messages, embed color, images etc.


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Works great in 1.18 no issues! is there away to get more examples of the config thou.
Very nice plugin, it is really easy to use and has a lot of useful comments in the config file(s).
Nice plugin. It's very easy to use
Nice plugin for displaying message and stats in discord with the fast support and bug fix!
i really like it 10/10 :)

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