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ArmorStand Controller 2.1.2

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An easy and intuitive way to manipulate Armor Stands!

ArmorStand Controller is an easy and intuitive way to manipulate Armor Stands!

To place equipment you must be holding the item you want to equip. You can move items around in your inventory so you don't have to close the controller to switch items. Once you have the item you want to equip in your hand, right click on the slot you wish to equip too.

Click Here To View The Demonstration
To color equipment, you can left click on any armor slot. If there is no leather armor equipped it will automatically create some. You can then choose to use the RGB dials to customize a color or choose from already defined preset. There are 343 possible colors!

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To move an ArmorStand you can click on the EnderPearl button. The window will close and the ArmorStand will teleport to the block you are looking at and mimic the direction you are looking at. You can lock and unlock axis by typing the axis you would like to lock or unlock. Once done you can type done and you will be unhooked from the ArmorStand. To copy the ArmorStand you would click on TheEyeOfEnder. The copy system is exactly the same as the repositioning system and the instructions for the move system also applies here as well.

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Position and Angles can be fine tuned by using the wool. The wools color represents an axis RED = X, GREEN = Y, BLUE = Z. You can either right click to increase or left click to decrease that value. The gray and green dye items represent togglable values. Green being enabled and gray being disabled.

Click Here To View The Demonstration
To set the ArmorStand's name tag, you can click on the name tag item in the window. The window will close and will ask you for the name. You can use the character '&' to include colored text. If you wanted to remove the name tag, you can simply type remove and the name tag will disappear.

Click Here To View The Demonstration
Supported Languages:

  • English (US)
  • Deutsche
  • Español
  • Français
  • Arabic
  • Português

    • armorstandcontroller.access | Allows the controller to be opened
    • armorstandcontroller.admin | Allows access to admin switches
Support: You can request a supported plugin in our discord!

Coming Soon:

  • More Languages
  • Source Code
  • API Support
  • Command Executor
  • More Toggles
  • Reposition System [2.0+]
  • Clean Code ;D Never [2.0+]
  • Per world permission

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Good plugin, this is a great plugin that works with 0 errors in console. Vouch for this guy!



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