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AudioConnect 1.3.0

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Powerful audio engine to integrate dynamic server audio through a hosted web client

A powerful yet simple web-based audio engine to integrate real-time dynamic server audio through the free web service.​

AudioConnect can provide truly unique and immersive gameplay with music, sound-effects, soundscapes, voice-over, or any kind of audio.
Control when, where, and how audio is played using its powerful WorldGuard region integration. Or trigger audio playback yourself with commands and the plugin API.​


  • Use WorldGuard region flags and settings to control location based audio
    • Add time constraints to limit when an audio source can be played (day, night, morning, afternoon)
    • Delay audio playback by a constant or variable duration
    • Define multiple audio sources on multiple independent tracks to be played for a single region
    • Combine or prioritize audio settings of overlapping regions
  • Use commands to play audio sources to all or specific players
  • List and monitor which players are connected and listening
  • List the available audio IDs of the audio files added to your account
  • Easily connect to the web client using /audio or /music in-game
  • /mute or /unmute the audio in-game
Web Service:
  • Free audio file hosting
    • Intuitive admin interface makes it easily to upload and manage your audio files
    • Uploaded audio files are available to any of your servers
  • Display audio metadata such as title, artist, and album
  • Define multiple audio tracks for different types of audio such as music, soundscapes, and sound-effects
    • Layer tracks to play multiple audio sources simultaneously and independently


Join and type /audio
Run around and explore new areas for the full listening experience.​


WorldGuard is the only plugin dependency and can be any version.​

  1. Add AudioConnect.jar to your plugins folder and restart the server like normal
  2. Create an account at
    • No email needed, only a valid Minecraft account!
  3. In the account panel, click "My Servers" on the left and then add a new server
  4. Copy the "Server ID" value on the new server page
  5. Open plugins/AudioConnect/config.yml and enter the missing connection properties
    • connection.user-id (Username or UUID)
    • connection.user-password (The new account password)
    • connection.server-id (The copied value from step 4)
  6. Save config.yml and execute the command "/ac reload"
Your server should now be connected!

Check out the AudioConnect Wiki for detailed usage guides​


If you are a developer that would like to use AudioConnect in your own plugins, you can dive straight into the source code and API, or check out the wiki development page for more information and examples.​


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