Banish misbehaving players to the backrooms with this MyCmd configuration!
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backrooms ban config mycmd unique
Do you want to torment hackers, griefers, and general assholes? This is the config for you!! Send all those shitty people to the fuckin backrooms with one command lol. This provides an alternative option to just outright banning someone, and will hopefully increase engagement/rule following among the others players. This has been tried on one of my production servers, and players are terrified of being sent to the shadow realm for griefing, or just being a general asshat. IMO its a much better system than just banning someone and not tormenting them.

Currently the config only supports a "permaban" although I will be updating it soon to include timed bans.
To banish someone to the backrooms do /bban Player

How to install:

1. Put the Backroom folder into your server directory, and load it using any world manager you'd like. If you're using multiverse, do /mv import Backroom normal
2. Put the MyCommand folder/jar into your plugins folder. If you have an existing MyCmd folder, drop the Bban.yml into your commands folder.
3. Restart your server and have some fun!

This config was made to work with Essentialsx and Multiverse, if you use any different plugins as a replacement for those please shoot me a DM on discord, or here so I can make a special copy and re-format it for you.

Contact me on discord: VirtualizedTrash#3557

Just figured I should mention this too, if you're not satisfied with confusing the living hell outta hackers please contact me for a refund withing 4 days of purchasing this.

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