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Basic Server Setup - Free & Updated v8.2.1

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Provides a basic structure to build off of and create your own unique server.
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  1. Survival
  2. Other
Supported software
  1. Spigot
  2. Paper
  3. Other
Supported versions
  1. 1.12
  2. 1.13
  3. 1.14
  4. 1.15
  5. 1.16
  6. 1.17
  7. 1.18
  8. 1.19
1.16.5 1.17.1 basic easy free server setup tutorials

New to owning a server? Or just don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up the basics?
This is for you!

It provides the basic structure
to build off of and create your own unique server instead of buying a fully premade server hundreds of other people have too.

- All features are completely configurable / removable.
- MC 1.15.2+ requires at least 2 GB of RAM.
  • Minecraft 1.17+ requires Java 16.
  • MC-Market Downloads not loading? Alternative Download Method: Click Me!

This server setup supports many versions of Minecraft- depending which version of the resource you download.
If you intend to use a Minecraft version lower than 1.18.1 it is crucial you read about the Log4J security vulnerability explained here (which also provides steps on how to solve it). Please note version 6.0.3+ of this resource does already include a Paper jar that fixes this.

If you'd like to use MC 1.19.3 then download version 8.2.0+.

If you'd like to use MC 1.19.2 then download version 8.1.0.

If you'd like to use MC 1.19 then download version 8.0.0.

If you'd like to use MC 1.18.2 then download version 7.1.2.

If you'd like to use MC 1.18.1 then download version 7.0.0.

If you'd like to use MC 1.17.1 then download version 6.0.3.

If you'd like to use MC 1.16.5 then download version 5.6.3.

If you'd like to use MC 1.16.4 then download version 5.5.0.

If you'd like to use MC 1.16.3 then download version 5.3.0.

If you'd like to use MC 1.15.2 then download version 4.0.4.

If you'd like to use MC 1.14.4 then download version 3.2.4.

If you'd like to use MC 1.13.2 then download version 2.0.1.

If you want to use MC 1.12.2 then download version 1.8.3.
Please Note: This page provides information for the latest version. Other versions may vary for features, especially for version 1.8.3 and lower. Many changes were made while updating resource to support MC 1.13.2.
- IllegalStack is a plugin made to fix many bugs/exploits. This is recommended for Survival-based servers but not included in the download due to some unexpected behavior that may occur if not configured to your liking.


Multi-Prefix Support:
This is useful if you want to show a player's staff rank and donor rank at the same time (or similar).






Note: If you prefer viewing only a single prefix per player then go into the LuckPerms config and set this section to this instead.
Check block data!
Roll back changes to blocks!
Give players ranks with LuckPerms!
Easily vanish and send fake leave messages to watch potential hackers!
Clear chat!
Edit large amounts of land with WorldEdit!
Protect land with WorldGuard!
Control whether players can spam/swear!
Prevent lag (the right way)!
Custom /Help menu! (as of version 3.0+)
Create your own commands and aliases! (as of version 3.0+)
Supports Paper and Spigot Jars!
Animated Tab Menu:

In-Game Prefix and Health Support: (TAB Plugin, configurable)

And more (Info below)!

This setup offers support for Spigot and Paper. By default it comes with a Paper jar.

Paper is a fork of Spigot that supports all of Spigot's plugins and offers additional performance improvements.

All well developed spigot plugins will support Paper. If you come across a plugin that doesn't support Paper, chances are they're not following the recommended programming practices and you should be hesitant to use their plugin, from what I'm told by multiple developers.
LuckPerms is the most popular permission plugin used for servers.

LuckPerms Wiki: here

If you're used to PermissionsEx but want to give it a try, you will find this page useful.
Please Note: ChatControlPro is now a free plugin via his Github page. Download it there if you'd like to use it with this setup. This is not a requirement and entirely optional.

ChatControlPro is a plugin that prevents:
  • Advertising of IPs / links
  • Filter or block excessive spam / caps
  • Filter or block swear words

This basic server setup has my custom setup for:
  • blocking swear words which is MUCH more effective than the default config. A few words are disabled (commented out) due to the excessive number of false positives that can occur with them or because most servers may not want that word blocked.
  • Allows blocking/filtering swearing acronyms (commented out/disabled by default).
  • limiting excessive caps and spam.

- Blocked "Bad" Words:
fuck, porn, horny, fag, faggot, hentai, slut, boob, pussy, vagina, penis, bastard, cunt, nigga, nigger, jerk, shit, rape, rapist, dick, cock, whore, bitch, asshole, titt, tits, intercourse, sperm, testicle, retard, anus, dafuq, fuq, tehfuq, binch (bitch bypass), prick, douche, prostitute, up your butt, up yo butt, fk, ass, asses, bypasses for dick & penis, swastika filter

- Not Blocked "Bad" Words
That can be uncommented to enable blocking:

deadass, aroused, idiot, anal, piss, sex, gay, lesbian, homo, homosexual, cum, pedo, damn
- Blocked "Bad" Acronyms:
kys, fyfi, milf, effing, mofo

- Not Blocked "Bad" Acronyms
That can be uncommented to enable blocking:

wtf, ffs, omfg, idgaf, stfu, bbs, tf, af, ftfw, bbfd, gtfo, kms, wtaf, wetf, wtfo, lmao, lmfao, dilligaf, jfgi, fyvm
CoreProtect is a plugin that allows:
  • Checking block data (/co i)
  • Looking up block data (/co lookup <params>)
  • Rolling back block data (/co rollback <params>)

It's great for fixing stuff griefers have done and catching x-rayers, even after the act (if used properly).

Note: While not required, it is recommended to input MySQL database information into CoreProtect's config. CoreProtect is known to take up a LOT of space over time ( I.e. 40 GB )

If you're completely new to CoreProtect then you can read my guide here:
EssentialsX is a plugin that allows:
  • Countless features. It is an essential plugin for most server types such as Factions, Survival, Anarchy, Creative, Towny, etc.
  • Allows teleporting, using /back on death, creating server market signs, setting warps, teleporting to certain coordinates, etc. One of the most popular and useful plugins ever developed.

You can view an updated list of EssentialsX's commands, permissions, and info here.

This basic server setup comes with EssentialsX, EssentialsXSpawn, and EssentialsXChat.
MyCommand allows creating your own commands and aliases. With a creative mind, the possibilities and features are nearly endless.

What We Use MyCommand For:
- A custom and interactive (clickable) help menu. There are two categories: Commands and Important Links. You may completely configure it to your liking.

To edit this go into Plugins -> MyCommand -> Commands

- /website will show your website link in chat.
  • /discord will show your discord invite link in chat.
  • /plugins reload will reload plugins using their individual reload commands. By default it reloads: Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CoreProtect, MyCommand, and ChatControlPro. Never use /reload because it can break plugins and cause tons of problems.
  • /bc is an alias for /broadcast
  • /commands is an alias for /help commands
  • /mycmd reload & /mycommand reload are aliases for /mycmd-reload all
  • /pr, and two others are aliases for /plugins reload

SuperVanish supports:
  • A more advanced Vanish command than EssentialsX. Did you know vanished players using EssentialsX can be seen by hackers or easily detected by various things such as opening chest sounds? SuperVanish puts a stop to that. Very useful for catching hackers/x-rayers.
  • Fake login/logout messages.
  • If you leave the server while vanished it will not show a leave message or join message when you login again.
  • If you leave the server while unvanished it will show a leave message and will show a join message when you login again.
TAB plugin supports:
-Creating a fancy tab:

- Custom In-Game Prefix/Health/Stat Viewing:

- Check the plugin page for a full list of features with pictures!

WorldEdit allows easily modifying large amounts of terrain, making huge and detailed structures very quickly, and more!
WorldGuard allows protecting land and setting flags such as whether to allow PvP, TNT explosions, have welcome messages when entering the land, etc. Very useful for claiming spawn, PvP arenas, etc.
ProtocolLib is required for some other plugins to work.
Vault is required to make economy plugins work together.
eZAuctions is a chat-based live auctions plugin. Useful for Survival type servers and encourages the famed "bid wars".
  • Prevents players from being able to use aliases of "/plugins" to view your plugins.
  • Prevents players from being able to login using Forge and other non-Vanilla Minecraft clients. This, of course, configurable.
    • Some ghost clients (hacked clients) have been known to be injected into Forge. This is one reason one may want to block users from joining the server with Forge.
In v5.0.0+ the following has been added:

Ranks and Permissions
Keep in mind, everything is configurable.
Groups and Permissions:
- Many basic permissions everyone should have access to.
- /baltop
- /pay
- /balance
- /warps
- /ping
- /kits
- /kit tools
- /kit starter
- /ignore
- /seen
- /tpa

- /help
- /helpop
- /itemdb
- /list
- /mail
- /motd
- /msg
- /realname
- /recipe
- /rules
- Using most Essentials Sign types. Using, not creating or breaking.
- /spawn
- /tpaccept
- /tpdeny
- /warp
- /delhome
- /home
- /home bed & setting home bed
- All player /auc commands for ezAuctions. Use "/auc help" to see them. (This is for version 3.0+ only)

- All permissions from Default
- Muting/Unmuting
- Can't be ignored (/ignore)
- Can say URLs in chat
- Is automatically put as AFK after a certain period of inactivity.
- Kicked after being AFK for a certain period of time.
- Receive messages from /helpop
- Access to /AFK
- Will be notified whenever a player advertises an IP or link

- All permissions from Helper
- Jail/Unjail players
- Kick players
- Message URLs
- Clear chat (/clearchat)
- Check block data (/co i)

- All permissions from Mod
- Temp ban online and offline players
- See into a player's inventory (/invsee)
- Lookup block data (/co lookup)

- All permissions from Super-Mod
- Permanently ban/unban online and offline players.
- Vanish (/sv [on/off])
- Send a fake join/quit message: /sv login, /sv logout
* When used with vanish, good to catch hackers.
- See into a player's enderchest (/echest [username])

- All permissions from Admin
- Spy on private messages (/socialspy)
- Ban a player's IP-address
- List vanished players
- Teleport to other player's homes
* /home [PlayerName]: <- To list their homes.
* /home [PlayerName:HomeName] <- To teleport to their home.
- Send mail to everyone at once (/mail sendall [Message])
- Send messages to everyone at once (/msg ** [Message])
- Rollback blocks using block data (/co rollback <params>)
- Restore blocks using block data (/co restore <params>)

- All permissions

- All permissions

- All permissions

- All permissions

- Configurable

Coal: (Donor rank)

- Configurable

Iron: (Donor rank)
- Configurable

Gold: (Donor rank)
- Configurable

Did you know ClearLagg and similar plugins can cause lag?
Try these Anti-Lag features! Three files were edited slightly to reduce server lag while not largely impacting the server's settings.
Files edited:

  • spigot.yml
  • bukkit.yml
  • Paper.yml (in MC 1.19 this has been moved to multiple files in the "config" folder. Read this announcement for more information).

If you're still lagging you could reduce the view distance in the file to a lower number.

The plugin(s) listed here are not added by default because they can cause some unexpected behavior but are recommended.

Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover
  • Self explanatory.
  • Strongly recommended. But can have some unintended behavior such as pistons disappearing when performing actions common for exploits and more.

New to Owning a Server?
Join this Discord Server:
It contains several guides to help you get started understanding essential things for server owners such as how to edit a YAML file properly, how to use FTP programs, what to look for in a hosting service, and more!

Need Help?
Ask on the Discord server above! I'd be happy to help.
Be sure you've read my tutorials first though.

Terms of Service:
- You will not upload this elsewhere and take credit for it.
- You understand and agree that the TOS can change at any time.

Reporting Bugs / Asking Questions
Please do not report bugs or ask questions in the reviews.
If you need help, ask on my Discord server linked above.

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Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
What can I say just pefrect ;)
<3 Thanks :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
Excellent for a simple test server which can be later modified to become what you need.
Thanks for the review! :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
Very cool but how I download the older versions????
To download older versions you have 2 options:
1. On MC-Market (BuiltByBit) go to the History tab, find the version you want, and click "Download". The main page of the resource specifies which version of the resource is for which version of Minecraft.

2. Or if MC-Market (BuiltByBit) is not working for downloads you may download them from my Google Drive link below.
- Once you open the link see this image for quick instructions:
This license was given for free. What's this?
locked google disk fix it please
If you're referring to being unable to download from the alternative download link (Google Drive) I tested it in an incognito browser and it worked fine for me. Try using this link instead of whatever you were using:

In the future please use my Discord server for quicker support:

Thanks :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
I appreciate the updates and quick start up :D
I'm glad it helped! I appreciate the review!
This license was given for free. What's this?
So great but add more plugins and upgrade plugins to all versions
Thanks for the review! I've updated the resource to be up-to-date for 1.18.2 content and to support 1.19.

As for adding more plugins- the point of this resource is to be a basic setup applicable to all (or most) gamemode types. It is intended to be a basic structure to build off and create your own unique server. As far as I am aware there are no more plugins I could add that would be applicable and useful in most gamemodes. Thus I will leave any additional desired plugins to the individual users of this resource to download.
This license was given for free. What's this?
I'm so glad that you're helping beginners start their own server for free.
Considering that you'll constantly update the resource and provide support through discord, I must leave a review. šŸ™‚
Thanks for your glowing review Zedge! ^^
This license was given for free. What's this?
Thanks InMud7
And thank you for the review! ^-^
This license was given for free. What's this?
Hello the setup is very awesome and good thank you for this what a good start but I do have some problem aboutt the permissions, I tried everything like giving OP TO MY SELF and giving myself a permissions "luckperms.autoop" also enable it on luckperms config, then even given OWNER permissions with *.* and * but still everytime I will do "/plugins" it says;

"&cI'm sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe this is in error"

Please help me, and also where I can contact you?
The reviews is not the place to ask for support. On the "Overview" page it provides the Discord server link to contact me:

I answered your questions via a direct message to you.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Needed a quick base for building a server 10/10
I'm glad you found it useful!



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