Bees Themed Bedwars Map! [Schematic / Build] v2021-04-18

An EPIC bedwars map with beautiful flowers and bees!
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Have a blast playing on this beautiful Bedwars map filled with bees, flowers and HONEY!

Purchasing this map you will obtained the following schematics files:
- bee.schem ==> Well, this is simply the buzzing bee :)
- beehive.schem ==> The beehive (without the thorn, or other decorations)
- beehive.shcem ==> The beehive (with the thorn but without the decorations)
- bw-bees-complete.schem ==> The complete, 8 players (teams), bedwars map, READY TO GO!
- diamond_island.schem ==> The island with the two flowers (where diamond generators will be)
- honeycomb.schem ==> Schematic of the honeycomb that's behind the player's (team's) spawn island
- team_spawn.schem ==> Complete player (team) spawn area with thorn and all decorations
- central_island.schem ==> Central island, where emerald spawner will come!

The map has therefore been divided into parts, this means that buyers of this map can easily scale their Bedwars games (Whether the map is used for 4 players, 8 players etc).

As seen from the schematic list above, a schematic file that contains the completed setup of a Bedwars arena has been included!

A proof that this map was built by me (ThatBoyHenry) is also provided!

Thanks for supporting me :)

PRO TIP: When pasting schematic files use //paste -a instead of just //paste. This will paste the
schematic without air blocks, meaning that the paste will cause less lag!

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