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BetterBuycraft - Tebex Theme 1.7.5

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About this Theme:
This theme offers a high-quality theme useable on both Desktop and Mobile Devices. This theme changes the look and overall layout of Buycraft. This requires the Ultimate theme on Buycraft.

  • Ability to add a custom Sale Message and Price
    - Can be disabled
  • Ability to add set custom colors with very little editing
  • Server status
    - Click to copy
  • Configuration-based theme
  • Comments for each line you can edit
  • Set a background easily
  • Set a logo easily
  • Module Support






How to Set Up:

When you download the theme, there is a "How To Add.txt" file in the package. This will tell you completely how to set up this theme.

Setting your own messages (Steps):
  1. Make sure you properly set the theme. If you don't know how there is a file ("How to add.txt") in the download.
  2. After you installed the theme, edit layout.html
  3. Find Line 46. This is where you will begin setting the messages. Each line has a comment so you should be able to set everything without issues
  4. That's it!

Setting your own colors (Steps):
  1. Edit any theme name you'd like. They are all the same code
  2. Find Line 3. There will be a long list of variables with a comment on each variable.
  3. Should look like this:
    :root {
         /* Font Information */
         --font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif;
         --font-color: black;
         /* Main Color Information */
         --primary-color: #4995b3; /* Primary Color (Navbar,Active Category) */
         --secondary-color: #bdfeff; /* Secondary Color (Link Hover, Price, Active Category) */
         --tertiary-color: #555555; /* Tertiary Color (Cart Item Background) */
         --tertiarydark-color: #333333; /* Darker Tertiary Color (Cart Footer Background) */
         --headeroverlay-color: rgba(73, 171, 179, 0.3); /* Overlay color for your header background. Type "transparent" if you don't want an overlay */
         --footertop-color: #333333; /* Background color for the top of the footer */
         --footerbottom-color: #4995b3; /* Background color for the footer */
         --background-color: rgb(236, 236, 236); /* Page Background Color (Light Color recommended) */
         --storeblock-color: #222222; /* Sale Block/Store MSG */
         --storeblockmsg-color: white; /* Store MSG color */
         --serverinfo-color: #111111; /* Background color for server status (Online Players) */
         --buybtn-color: #4995b3; /* Color for the Buy Button */
         --buybtn-border-color: #bdfeff; /* Border Color for the Buy Button */
         --buybtnfont-color: white; /* Font Color for the Buy Button */
         /* Images */
         --headerbgurl: url(; /*URL for your header background*/
         --panelbgurl: url(; /*URL for the background to the Category header*/
  4. Set the colors and links that relate to each variable.
  5. This is all you need to edit.

Terms of Use:
This is a theme I took my free time to make and release for free so I encourage you to follow my terms of use. By downloading this theme, you agree to my Terms.
  • You are not allowed to claim this theme as yours.
  • You CANNOT remove any tags/lines to identify this theme as made by me. This is a free theme. Have the respect to support me for my hard work.
  • You are free to change and edit the layout of this theme but you CANNOT resell it. Please contact me if you think your design is not related to the original theme and I will decide if you can.
  • Be a nice cake. Again, don't claim this work as your own cause it's not. <3

I hope you find this theme very useful. If you find any issues, please don't rate my resource bad because of a minor issue that can be fixed. Contact me instead :)

If you have any questions or would like to request a custom job, please feel free to contact me on discord: Kuchy#9131

Theme installations are Free but I do request you try to set it yourself (read the "How to setup.txt" file).

Note: If you would like theme edits, a fee will be required.

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Latest reviews

They were so helpful and responded to my problem in decent timing i love this template!
good template but it has a error: A template that extends another one cannot have a body in "index.html" at line 1.
this guy is so helpfull lovely guy thank you so much man <3
The Best this themplate is the best
Hey uhh, love the page but the side bar is kinda broken for me? You happen to know the fix? (its just shows up at the bottom)
That happens due to screen size. With how the container is set up, having too much content inline will make the main page content very smushed which is why I pushed it to the bottom. If you have a large screen and the issue is still there, shoot me a message here through conversation or on discord (Kuchy#9131) and I'll look into it. It should only happen on smaller screens, like tablet screens or laptop screens.
Im on the Ultimate Trial for a few more days, I hope they're paying you because once they drop me I don't think i'll have a choice but to pay for a plan O.o
Absolutely AMAZING! Even better then some paid ones I've found! Also has great support, contacted the author and got a response less than 15 minutes later!
Excelent i love u, you are fucking god
The cake was really good to say the least
Love it, thanks for the share



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