BlackMarketNPC [Premium] v1.0

Blackmarket that will let your player to buy item with limited amount and time. Interaction NPC
Do you ever want BlackMarket NPC that will allow your player to buy item from it with limited time and amount? Interaction with NPC and the NPC will only interact with players when they tell the npc the right password? For example when you click the NPC it will not sell stuff to you but when you say the password then they will sell their goods to you, however when you give them the wrong password. They will smite you or any punishment that you desire.

I have made plenty explaination in the resources, you can read it and if you need help you can PM me anytime. If you want to test it check it on my server and for sneak peak you can check on my video how does this npc works. Find Blackmarket npc.

Plugin Require:

Citizen: [Paid] [Free]


Discord link:
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