Extensible stats web interface for minecraft servers

BlueStats is a powerful frontend for many MySQL based bukkit/spigot plugins. BlueStats is a full CMS designed to give players an overview of their actions on the server. BlueStats comes with mulitple plugins including plugins for Statz, LolmewnStats and McMMO.

Purchasing of BlueStats is not required but is highly encouraged if you wish to support further development of the application. BlueStats is a free and opensource software released under the Apache 2.0 licence. Follow the links below to download the latest release. The release posted on MC-Market is more then likely outdated.

Blue Stats 3: https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats-Minecraft/tree/master
Blue Stats 2: https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats-Minecraft/tree/Stats-2

GitHub: https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats
Demo: https://stats.mysunland.org

How to install
Extract the contents of the downloaded zip to your web server root.
Then go to /install and follow the onscreen instructions and fill in details.

Please know that this a project which I started because of my love for programming. I believe in the nature of opensource and believe anyone should be able to contribute and help.
But if you appreciate my work, and intend to use it for you server, please consider donating. It would mean the world to me if you do.

Logo Image by Blooguy: http://bukkit.org/threads/351287/

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