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Boss - Unbelievable Custom Monsters 4.5.8

Pathfinders & AI for ANY entity, NPCs with skills, natural spawning and a beautiful GUI.
Mate, Upgraded from Spigot original version and it is amazing. He got back to me instantly and is a great guy in general. Plugin works as intended and is easy to use thanks again for the help and keep up the good work. :)
I appreciate it very much!
Kangarko is ace at what he does and this plugin is amazing and totally worth the money! 5* from me
Thank you <3
This is an incredible plugin that is very powerful! The author offers excellent support!
I don't usually leave reviews on plugins, but for this one I got to make an exception - I expected SO much more from this plugin, really SO much more. For a 30 dollars plugin, I expected this to do miracles, instead I just found a average boss plugin at best. MythicMobs for example does so much more than Boss, on either premium or free version of it. Boss is just too limited and basic with it's features and capabilities. The fact the developer charges 30 (!!) dollars for this plugin is outrages, It's worth 8-10 at most. Support on discord is below average from what I saw and experienced, many questions are left unanswered as well. The comparison of Boss vs other bosses plugins here on this page is false, and in my opinion many of the things that are listed as a downside of other plugins are also applicable to this plugin as well. The plugin does have some neat features, such as the boss editor ingame, console errors being easy to read and find the cause of, and some other features that are indeed very nice, however these still don't justify charging 30 dollars for it. Do yourself a favor and stick with MythicMobs if you want really good and viable bosses for your server. If you are looking for very simple bosses, and are willing to pay an overpriced price, go with Boss.
Thanks for your review, I am sorry you found our plugin too easy/limited. Discord support is handled by moderators, if you need support from me directly simply open a ticket on GitHub at any time.

Based on what I heard from users, MythicMobs' scripting language is far too time consuming and complicated, at the end, most people only use about 10-20% of it which we accomplished via our menus so you can do the same in minutes, instead of weeks. Of course, if you like to code and debug your own scripts then just go and use MythicMobs, we have a 30-day money back on Boss which you could use.

But ease of access is the exact vision behind Boss, making everything editable via clean in-game GUI. I'll be happy to listen to specifically to which things are missing so we can add them on our roadmap, however you were not very specific in your review.

One tip I recommend, if you need custom pathfinders and AI, install Citizens. Boss will automatically hook into it when creating entities through it, and you will be able to access some of our most advanced features such as turning animals into aggressive mobs, changing their targeting etc etc. this way (in /boss menu > your Boss > Settings > Citizens).
Great support ,nice guy
The plugin is very good , and easy to setup!
Yes, this is a beautiful plugin that adds infinite creativity to how diverse the game world can be.
My favorite feature to the adding of new monsters is the drop tables you can put on them, it allows for some of the best gameplay if coupled with merchants/shops of some kind.
It is my favorite "Boss" plugin. Because it is very easy to use and at the same time an evolving plugin.
Best boss plugin by far, however, the support can be a bit better. Also a default generated config for bosses (to go off of)
Thanks, I am curious for what specifically you mean by "support can be better"? I was on holidays as announced and otherwise I am available during week days, feel free to email us or open a github ticket at any time. Sorry to hear that!

The boss config is not intended for user editing since we provide menu GUI for that, which is documented, and provides a few examples to make it easier.
The best custom mobs and boss plugin out there.. i 100% suggest you to use this!
Great plugin excellent developers! Just an FYI to yall your discord link on here doesn't work would like to be able to join
Thanks! I checked the link, and it shows the invite screen for me. Please email [email protected] with a screenshot of what you see and your discord ID so I can assist you. In case you are banned I can help you recover your account if reasonable.
Please add 1.19 support :)
No need to tell :)
Great service for an awesome and intuitive program!
Everlastingly good service! <3
Fully grateful I am, I have no ways to express it.
The plugin works perfectly, I met him a few years ago and makes me happy to use it today, thanks for the license, I am happy on the day.
Sorry for the English bad, this is done with a translator.
I highly recommend the plugin is amazing
Super Easy to use, Great plugin
A very good plugin for mobs and bosses
This plugin Is Test of the best with Bosses
I've used this plugin several times in past server setups. The customization is unreal, and it just seems to keep on getting better and better. Kangarko is an amazing developer, and I'm glad to have access to several of his amazing plugins.
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