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Bulk name checker: Namefinder [Free + Opensource] v1.1

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Free minecraft bulk name checker
Namefinder 1.1
Don't want to pay for a bulk minecraft name checker? Don't want to look up large lists of names to check? Want a cross-platform lightweight application that's easy to use? Namefinder is for you!

Namefinder is a free alternative to other bulk namecheckers that does an equally good job; and is free of charge!

What can it do and what can it not do?
Namefinder provides an easy way to generate large lists of names by length, amount and characterset. This means you won't have to find lists of names on the internet! Don't like it? You can still add names in bulk using the add feature (Control > Add)
Checking more than 10,000 names in under a minute, namefinder might actually even be faster than paid alternatives!
One thing it can't do is proxies. However, if requested I'd be more than happy to add them.
Exporting can easily be done using File > Save. Opening might be added soon aswell.

How to use
If you're struggling on how to use the program, you might want to follow these steps to gain insight on it:

To run the progam:
Namefinder comes as a .jar application. You will need java to run it. Either:
Double-click the file
Right-click it, Open with > Java

For generating names:
  1. Type a number (f.e. 1000) in the field after "Amount" (Press enter!)
  2. Specify the length of the names you want to generate. (f.e. min 3, max 4)
  3. Press the "Edit" button
  4. Choose "Preset" for the mode
  5. Check alphabetical characters
  6. Close the character editor window
  7. Press "Generate"
  8. Wait a few seconds..
  9. Profit!
For adding names from a file:
  1. Open the file in your favourite text editor
  2. Select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c)
  3. Go to namefinder, and click Control > Add from the menubar (ctrl+i)
  4. Paste (ctrl+v) in the text field
  5. Press "Add"
For checking names:
  1. Make sure you've already got names in the list. Follow either of the previous steps to get names in the list.
  2. Press "Start"
  3. Namefinder will start checking the names. Unavailable names will appear white, available or dropping names will appear green.
  4. When done checking, namefinder will erase the unavailable names from the list.
Names blocked by mojang will appear available in the list
Manually removing large chunks from the list might take very long
Find any? Let me know

Any help, suggestions or special needs? Contact me on discord, 086#2000!

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Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
thanks working <3 i like it
This license was given for free. What's this?
I did not expect it to work, Pretty fast and reliable. One issue. I have an alt list type thing, it looks like if I ever load more than 100 or so names it glitches out and marks them all as not avalibe. Otherwise a great program!
This license was given for free. What's this?
Perfect minecraft tool, didn't expect it to be so fast.



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