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Bump Reminders | Corebot Addon 1.1

Remind your members to vote for your discord, AUTOMATICALLY, with BumpReminders.
Bump Reminders is a Corebot addon that extends the possibility to remind your members that it's time to run the command again. With the ability to use ANY COMMAND from ANY BOT, and await for a specific response. You can use this addon for any idea, from voting to giveaway bumps.

This addon is preconfigured to work with Disboard Voting, &


  • Supports any command, prefix & string (no slash commands)
  • Supports any interval (1s, 1m, 1h, 1d)
  • Supports any Response Embed (How corebot knows the bot processed the cmd correctly)
  • Supports UNLIMITED bump groups & reminders
  • Supports ANY public/Private bot
  • Complete Logging System
  • Unlimited Responses for bumps (like Advanced Buttons)
  • Advanced Say Formatting (like advanced buttons)
Config: Example Config





Latest updates

  1. Recoded Delete System

    Recoded the bump reminder messages, user message and bump confirmation message to be stored in...

Latest reviews

Ingenious implementation so my users can now claim a new role and are automatically notified when they can bump very good work the money was worth it
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