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Bungee Staff Chat (1.8-1.16.1+) 2.1

Easy /sc (staffchat) for bungeecord!

Latest reviews

Literally the best staff chat plugin ever! If you have a bungeecord server, this is a MUST!
Awesome plugin, works great and does the job, would love to see a reload feature in future releases if possible! Cheers.
Excelente Plugin lo compre en Enero de este año y la verdad cumple con su cometido me encanta como se conecta entre servidores :3 10 estrellas jajajaja ya llevo 8 meses usando esta maravilla.
Very good. But can you also make a shortcut like # <message> ?
Works great, no delay or anything! Only issue I've had is when using on a larger network the plugin won't start up if you're not using latest version. This can effect users who cannot keep restarting their proxy.
If there is any issues contact us on discord and we can fix them.
Resolved an issue conflict with other plugin of his very quickly and got a fix done. Plugin works well and staff love it. Overall its way better then other plugins that do the same thing since my last one wouldnt even support symbols..
Plugin works perfect! The Creator of this plugin also helped me installing this plugin and had great and fast communication.
Amazing ! Thank you !
Trying to figure out why I am unable to set perms for my ranks for staffs.
It works fine, contact me if you need help. You can contact me on discord, DM, or email. Dont leave reviews first.
Great plugin, had a little problem and it was fixed within 24 hours! Great job - The best bungee staff chat I have found, worth every penny!


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4.88 star(s) 16 ratings

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