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CamelContrast [FeatherBoard Theme] 2.0.1

CamelContrast is an advanced scoreboard theme for FeatherBoard with a javascript animation engine

GIF's of the main theme with some changed colors. It is advised to see the scoreboard on the video for better quality

The video quickly shows the features of this theme


This is the "combat" scoreboard. It is just a change of settings of the main theme config. This shows how easy it is to personalize the board.


This is an example for an MOTD shown when the scoreboard first shows.


  • Beautiful looking scoreboard with two main colors (contrasting colors) and a color for the information
  • Easily configure the colors with two settings
  • Easily add "information" blocks without having to change the design
  • Build-in title animation converter
  • Header and footer animation
  • Build-in MOTD setting: Configure the scoreboard to show an MOTD
  • Choose between 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 information blocks (3 has spacers and 2 has double spacers with double info lines)
  • Added translate option that uses Google Translate to translate to the player's Minecraft language (works for MOTD and block titles)
  • All effects are configurable. You can disable them or change the interval.
  • The manual contains information on how to configure information blocks
Price justification:
  • This is not a normal scoreboard configuration, but an intelligent and easy to configure theme
  • A lot of time and thought has been put into the unique effects and lay out
  • A cheap/free price would mean more people will use the scoreboard (less unique - hence why the default FeatherBoard 3 config is so overused)
  • Easy to change and edit to your likings


  • FeatherBoard 4.8.0 or higher ( The plugin is not included in the price
  • ANTI_FLICKER_V1 is supported
  • ANTI_FLICKER_V2 is still a BETA feature meaning it may not work fine with this advanced scoreboard. However there is no need seeing the scoreboard is optimized for V1
  • Java 8 (currently not tested with Java 9)

This FeatherBoard configuration is easy to configure by just changing the settings. The confg contains a script parser that uses the settings to create a wonderful looking scoreboard.

The settings you see here are the things you are allowed to edit within the support of the configuration. This shows how easy it is to change things. You can even change these settings in-game.
  # Your server name
  # Instructions:
  # - Do not use colors or effects
  # - Do not use MVdW Effects
  # - Maximum 24 characters
  server-name: "FeatherBoard"
  # Color scheme
  # The primary color should be dark but still visible
  primary-color: "&8"   
  # The contrast color should not be too close to the primary color
  # but still visible and preferably lighter
  contrast-color: "&c"
  # The info color is the color of the information on the scoreboard
  info-color: "&7"   
  # Scoreboard settings
  # The width of the header and footer prevents
  # dynamic text to make the scoreboard change size
  # It is adviced to make this large enough to fit
  # the required information.
  # Instructions:
  # - The minimum width is 5, however it will look ugly
  # - The maximum width is 20 when enabling the header footer animation
  # - The maximum width is 28 when the header footer animation is disabled
  width: 19
  # Scoreboard layout
  # BLOCKS_6            - This creates a scoreboard layout of 6 blocks
  #                       without spacers. Four extra lines are added to
  #                       the scoreboard.
  # BLOCKS_5            - This creates a scoreboard layout of 5 blocks
  #                       without spacers. Two extra lines are added to
  #                       the scoreboard.
  # BLOCKS_4            - This creates a scoreboard layout of 4 blocks
  #                       without spacers.
  # BLOCKS_3            - This creates a scoreboard layout of 3 blocks
  #                       with spacers inbetween them.
  # BLOCKS_2            - This creates a scoreboard layout of 2 big blocks
  #                       that are split with two spacers.
  #                       Please read the Manual.pdf for more information
  #                       on how to configure the blocks
  layout: 'BLOCKS_4'
  # Override the config.yml scoreboard assigning method
  scoreboard-assigning: 'NONE'
  # Priority. A higher priority means that it will
  # show before other assigned scoreboards
  priority: 0
  # Event trigger
  # Uncomment this to force an event trigger
  ##event-trigger: "vanilla-combat"
  ##event-trigger_onscreen-time: 5000
  ##event-trigger_only-pvp: false
  # Effects
  # This will convert the server name to split
  # it into two parts with some nice color scheme
  enable-title-camelcase-colors: true
  # Title fade in effect on join
  enable-title-fadein: true
  # Enable title glow animation
  enable-title-glow: true
  # Title glow interval
  title-glow-interval: 100
  # Enable the header and footer glow effect
  enable-header-footer-glow: true
  # Header footer glow interval
  header-footer-glow-interval: 100
  # MOTD Message
  # This will display 2 lines of text in the middle of the scoreboard
  # when the scoreboard is loaded.
    enabled: true
    # The duration to keep the MOTD on the screen
    duration: 100
    # Format the MOTD using the info color and spaces
    # when enabled the motd lines will get 2 spaces and the info-color
    # in front of them.
    # When disabled you can choose the contents
    # of these lines yourself
    format: true
    # Lines to show as the motd (currently supports 2 lines)
    # Restrictions:
    # - You can use colors when format-motd is disabled
    # - Do not use MVdW effects
    # - Do not make the lines longer than width characters (without colors)
    line1: "Hello there!"
    line2: "How are you?"
  # Localization
  # This feature allows you to instantly translate your
  # scoreboard to the player's language using Google Translate.
  # Restrictions:
  # - Too many translations may get rate limited
  # - The titles you configure have to be in English
  # - Translations do not work on colored text or effects
  #   this may be a problem for the MOTD
  # - The translations will be cached, but new languages will
  #   first connect to the internet
  translate-block-titles: false
  translate-motd: false
  # Information on the scoreboard
  # You can add whatever information you want
  # the syntax contains of 3 settings
  # 1) The duration: Indication how many ticks*2 it
  #    will show
  # 2) The title: This is the title of the information
  # 3) The info itself: This is usually a placeholder or text
    # This is the first block
    # This is an "item" in the first block
      # This is the title of the item
      title: "Player"
      # This is the information shown under the title
      info: "{player}"
      # This is how long it remains on the scoreboard in ticks before it goes to the next item (location)
      duration: 80
    # This is another "item" in the first block, meaning it switches between them
      title: "Location"
      info: "{locx},{locy},{locz}"
      duration: 40
      title: "Health"
      info: "{healthbar}"
      duration: 40
      title: "Money"
      info: "&4&7{money}"
      duration: 40
      title: "TPS"
      info: "{tps_rounded} &8/ 20"
      duration: 80
      title: "RAM"
      info: "{usedram_formatted}"
      duration: 80
      title: "Online players"
      info: "{onlineplayers}"
      duration: 80
      title: "Edit this"
      info: "Testing"
      duration: 80
      title: "Edit this"
      info: "Testing"
      duration: 80


  • scoreboards/default.yml
    This is the main scoreboard theme
  • scoreboards/combat.yml
    This is basically the main scoreboard theme but the settings are changed to show how it can be used to be triggered on combat. You do not have to make additional settings with this scoreboard - just plug and play and it will trigger on combat.
  • Manual.pdf
    A PDF document with some basic information on ho to use the settings
  • This resource does not include the actual plugin

Latest reviews

Nice script but i want to change the format to add the ip, etc
As a block or as an existing block where it changes between something else? You just change it in the settings like demonstrated in the video
This is amazing, so Easy to setup and customize, I even use it for mcMmo triggers, I love it!!
glad you liked it!



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