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ChatControl Red - Format & Filter Chat 10.14.9

Format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.
I hesitated for days to buy this plugin. And today decided to buy it. It's hard to understand. It took hours. But now I got it and now it's the best chat plugin I've ever come across. The plugin is highly customizable. That's worth learning it. Thank you very much. Worth for 29 USD
Very quick migration from Spigot and faultless plugin.. a must have for any server!
Thank you <3
Well I was very critical due to the high price point, but this chat plugin does so much more than just chat. It's absolutely insane all of the features it has. Replaced about 4 plugins I used previously.

If you just want something simple to format messages, this is not for you.
If you want something that can format the chat unlike anything else, built in filters, custom commands, chat channels, discord chat, and much more then this may be for you. There is so much to configure, it's overwhelming at first but going through them 1 at a time following the detailed wiki really shows you what you can do. If you get confused, they are really helpful on the Discord. Honestly it's worth the price.
Thank you!
The plugin is quite extensive and has wide-ranging features that allow you to solve almost everything with it. The support is prompt and reasonable, friendly and attentive. I can recommend this plugin to everyone
too many feature in a plugin 10/10 <3
Muhteşem bir eklenti herkese tavsiye ederim !
The plugin has a lot of features, but it is complicated to set up.
Hi, i rarely write Review but that one is important i think.

If you consider to buy this amazing and outstanding plugin you must know that beyond 1.19.1 Microsoft forces you to but this plugin out because they cant spy on it and kick all user from your server because they cant verify the chat.

But! Not leave! Theres a solution for this... its another Plugin:

Put this one with the exact version of your Server in and now MS cant spy and ChatControlRed works nice again!

I hope that helps for buying this really nice and cool plugin =).
amazing and so usefull plugin ! I use it on my servers since a couple of versions, in a network. moderation tool mute automacally inappropriate words without staff intervetion needed, players can chat between two different servers, lot of options to create the "perfect chat". author answers when you have questions. I highly recommand this plugin !
Love it, have had some bugs but they have been fixed almost the next day, great work!
I saw some snowflake whining in a review about some LGBTBBQ crap and decided to actually pay for this app instead of pirating it to support the plugin creator.
Thank you!
Plugin works as intended and, for years, I enjoyed the many features it has. That said, I am running as fast as possible away from this plugin as the author, kangarko, has expressed some very anti-LGBTQIA views and even inserted them into his plugin, which from my understanding is a violation of mc-markets TOS. This isn't the first time he's violated a plugin markets TOS and it seems it won't be the last.
I have since been banned from the Mineacademy discord for "lgbt propaganda and hate speech." It should be noted that it was pro-lgbt "propadanga" that I said.
Transcript of this ridiculousness can be seen here:
No perversion on my Discord. We have kids there. I respect everyone, but I have enough of the excessive, forced propaganda of deviations and you were rightfully banned.

Thankfully, our company is registered in Hungary where propaganda of sexual deviations is prohibited by state's law for minors under 18 years of age (Act XLVIII. of 2008 on Business Advertising and 15 June 2021 amendments to Child Protection Act).
Been using an older version for years, was time for an upgrade. Great plugin.
In and of itself a very good plugin, which is very configurable. If you do not know what to do, the support is also fast in the answer and this almost always answers the questions.

The one missing star comes from the spam in the player logs. As soon as you play in a network and run the plugin on multiple servers, the users are spammed with a packet error, making them unable to read the logs. This is not really helpful for us but makes the plugin user unfriendly.
Absolutely amazing, there are many features and frequent updates. It's a must have chat plugin.
its best chat plugin i ever seen, also big thanks for Kangarko for understanding, I think you will understand why! <3
Honestly, I have never experienced better customer support than with Kangarko. That is including all types of Customer support not just Minecraft-related. Helping out with me purchasing ChatControl Red to just having such an amazing features and truly an all-in-one chat manager plugin that replaces the need for having so many different ones all just trying to mimic the same effect ChatControl Red has but doesn't even come close!
Thank you <3
Thank you for fix logs for Russian letters! Great plugin! Full of functional
Most complete chat plugin ever.
I have previously given this plugin 2 stars. With the reintroduction of the discord server, I feel less frustrated with getting answers than I did before when the only way to ask anything was through github. While I still find this plugin difficult to set up and manage at times, the author and his team have been great at getting issues fixed and explaining how the plugin works. Appreciate the work!
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