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ChatControl Red - Format & Filter Chat 10.15.1

Format & filter your chat, fight spam, ads, swears or even bots on your server.
Been using it in production for a week now. Looks stable, works flawlessly so far. The configuration seems pretty straight forward to me, but that won't be the case for everyone ofc. A big leap forward from the Pro version. Well done!
I have to keep complaining about the plugin being broken and you claim it's fixed yet a player changes their username and the plugin breaks for them. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is when you have a large server and you are putting your trust in this plugin and then it just breaks for the player and you are absolutely helpless to do anything about it. This plugin should not be breaking this easily when you are selling it for money, it's not acceptable to sell until the most basic of issues such as changing your minecraft username doesn't break it.
This truly is the future of chat plugins. It's awesome for my server - I have thrown almost any test I can think of at it, and it just works. If you're lazy, it can work out of the box. Want to tweak every little detail? Do it! This plugin really shines through, and is amazing for sending chat messages and moderating the chat.
Great and very useful plugin! :)
Very good chat plugin. Any issues that I had were fixed with the updates. So far so good!
This plugin is the best chat management plugin ever. It's an all in one plugin the price is totally worth it, especially that the developer is really good and active fixing any bugs in no time.
Awesome plugin, I like the customizability and how easy the plugin is to configure!
A user from ChatControl Pro and all I'm gonna say that the author is really helpful and fixes bugs really quick. Wish this is compatible with sponge forge though :'(
Amazing! The best plugin for chat management (and more) that you can find, with a lot of incredible features to make your server unique. The best investment you can make for your server :)
ChatControl Red is one of the most powerful chat plugins I've had the pleasure of using. It is an evolution of ChatControl Pro, with more intuitive setup, configuration, and features.

I especially like how I can simply copy paste the REGEX chat rules from my YEARS old PwnFilter config, seamlessly into CCR. ;) Nice touch.

When I first encountered the need to complete a tutorial, it sounded like a step in the wrong direction. BUT after completing it, I realized the power and potential this plugin provides.

If you're setting up a new server, I definitely recommend starting out strong with ChatControl Red.
It really is an excellent plugin, it is something difficult to understand but when you understand it is God. 100% recommended.
Thanks so much love to hear this!
five stars plugin i really appreciate your hard work ,thanks
Thank you so much mate!
Really good plugin and good support for discordSRV and customization of channels and spy.
One of the few plugins I cannot recommend enough!
Since the release of ChatControlRed, ChatControlPro went from being the best chat management plugin to the second best!

One of the things I LOVE, that ChatControlRed got rid of was the extra bypass permissions, which meant you had to spend a while working out what other permissions to negate to prevent OP players from bypass said chat rule.
This is no longer the case, so unless you put "ignore perm" in a rule, no one can bypass it not even OP's which I love!

Especially being able to make channels that staff can chat in using just


without having to worry about one of ur OP's bypassing said rule and talking in the public chat by mistake.

While this was possible to do in ChatControlPro, due to the extra bypass permissions people could easily bypass said rules, which makes it hard to set up such features on a server since OP's would often bypass a lot of the rules created in ChatControlPro. Now, with ChatControlRed you have far better control of when and who should bypass what rules!
Thank you, I am happy to read you've experienced positive changes upgrading :)
Awesome plugin! Thank you Matej

It took a while to replace other plugins and configure everything on all servers, it has been worth it tho.

Happy to hear you'd been able to knock out other plugins and replace them with one :) Cheers!
I have been using Chat Control Pro for years and when invited to help beta test the new Chat Control Red, I was all in! Chat Control Red took all the great features I loved in pro and enhanced them beyond my expectations! If you have not gotten this chat plugin for your server, you are really missing out on a lot of control, chat and announcement formatting, and many extremely cool features! Great work on the latest and greatest chat plugin out there!
Thank you very much, I appreciate it!
10/10, hands down the greatest plugin my servers ever had the luxury of using. Support on github is pretty good, I hope the Kang continues to upkeep this plugin; dude's an amazing developer.

Took like a week to configure for all 5 of my servers, but was totally worth it and very rewarding to see this plugin in action
That is amazing to hear, thank you very much <3
This good shows the new and I expect much more from you.
Thank you!
Always been a product of quality, quick and friendly support. Although i hate that this is on mcm it doesn't have the best reputation.

Same thing with the continuous ad placements. But despite that works as intended and does a good job at it.
Thanks for your review! There are no ads in the product, if you mean the banner to our teaching classes then that's the only placements we have on our Overview tab :)
Good plugin, but in chat is still <ZappySK>: Text.. how to change the chat? i have no idea
Hmm by enabling Channels.Enabled in settings.yml? Contact us before reviewing...
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