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ChatControlPro Config v1.2

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If you have a message saying cant repeat the same command then this if for you
This plugin is just for the people that have a message saying can't repeat the same command/message I have found the problem and it's fixed all you need to do is add the server name and the config has been fixed it's also got an MOTD for you :)

The Features in this config that I need to edit, or I have added:
Disallowed nicknames. Done
Please dont repeat the same command message fix. Done
Custom MOTD. Done
Custom join and leave messages. Done
Create broadcast messages. Done

Create channels. WIP

You will need the ChatControlPro plugin and it's latest version! do not leak it they will know!

Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
Thank you so much! :D
np bro :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
Out of the 75+ views this got and no one bothered to rate this, I will be nice to you. :D

Awesome bro! Not exactly updated to latest but pretty interesting.

Your configs could use some more dedication but are pretty good.

For your antiswear, you can just copy and paste from my ChatControlPro configs which block 123 main swears

Keep it up!
Thank you I was planning to update the files and put more dedication into the config but I have exams coming up I had a line of configs scheduled to be uploaded and I just don't have the time.



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