ChestCommands | RULES Configuration | 50% OFF! | HIGH QUALITY | vUPDATED 04-09-2019

A quick and effective rules configuration that makes sure your players will read!


ViaVersion makes your server multi version compatible.

This configuration requires ChestCommands.

This configuration does not require ViaVersion. That's your choice.

A READ ME Guide has been added, so that you fully understand and know what to do!

Once you've purchased this resource you will no longer be able to get a refund.

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If you have any problems with the resource, do not make a chargeback case, or a scam report, or a bad review. Simply just PM me and i'll solve it as the best way i am able to solve it for you for.

This is a rules.yml configuration. This is not a plugin, and this is not any sort of config.yml or so. It's a "name".yml from the "Menu" folder from ChestCommands.

The configuration provides two sort of colored configurations of the rules.yml configuration, once purchased.

The configuration is high quality, and rated 9/10 from most users of the MC-Market.

You're allowed to gain support from me, aslong as you don't ask for a new configuration for free.

Perfect for serves, who is looking for a smooth and smart way of getting people to read the rules, as it's made in such a cool form.

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Nice resource! :D would buy again but have no money ;/
Haha, thanks. :)
Awesome resource! I would buy it again!
Happy to hear that. Hope you enjoy it.

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